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Wattpad Review – End This War by Jonaxx

End This War by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

End this War by Jonaxx
Series: Alegria Boys, #3
Genre: Tagalog Romance
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Alam mong kalaban pero nagawa mo paring mahalin. Alam mong hindi pwede pero mas lalo ka paring nagpupumilit. Alam mong mali pero ginagawa mong tama. Totoong masarap ang mga bawal. Pero masarap parin ba pag magkasakitan na? Masarap parin ba pag pinaiyak ka na?

Hanggang kailan mo kayang ipaglaban ang pag ibig na hindi mo mabitiwan? Hanggang kailan mo kayang ipaglaban ang pag ibig na bawal?


OMG! I just finished this story and I can’t help but giggle. I don’t know what Jonaxx does to all her stories because all of them makes me giggle like a crazy person each time I read them. It’s just so good that even if the scenes were so heartbreaking and annoying, I still can’t help myself but to read them. And boycotting is never an option. So tell me, am I starting to get crazy? Or Jonaxx is just so great in writing stories? Oh well, I guess the answer is obvious, *wink.

This story is the third book of the Alegria Boys series. I am hoping you remember the Mapapansin Kaya which is the first book of this series and the Baka Sakali 1 and Baka Sakali 2 which is the second book of this series eh? And just like the first two books, this story is also great. Romance to the highest level! And as usual, I can’t count how many times I giggle and almost scream because of the sweet lines and scenes in this story. As expected, all the characters and scenes stick up together. I wasn’t annoyed while reading lines from the guys because they all sounded like a real guy, like you think you are listening to a guy talking. I can’t even help but feel “kilig” whenever I read Hector’s line (main male character).

I’m not actually fond of his name, but that didn’t hinder me from feeling “kilig” whenever he talks. Jonaxx is simply so great. Every story that I’ve read from her is so original and so addictive that it left me a great deal of hangover. So expect another Jonaxx story in my next month’s reading list, *wink.

This story will not just make you fall in love, but it will also make you laugh. I mean, how can you not laugh with all Chesca’s (main female character) lines? Even her “maldita” outburst! I’m still not recovering on what she calls Hector’s hair and also, her own version of High Definition haha. (only those who have read this story can relate, hehe) And dang! Those lines from Hector, OMG! It’s so sweet. So even if I am not fond of his name, I can’t help but blush each time he says those super sweet lines. I even have my favorite:

Hindi ako papatol sa ibang babae dahil lang gusto ko.  You have to be really great to earn my attention. You have to be an Alde to earn my attention. And you have to be a Francesca Alde to earn my love

Now tell me, who wouldn’t fall for that line itself? And especially if it came from a super hot and perfect abs Adonis like Hector? (oh my! I’m so smithen)

Main Characters:

I guess I don’t have major concerns about Hector’s character, only the over possessiveness and to the highest level jealousy. It’s sweet especially if it came from this Adonis-like Hector, but dang! It can be annoying sometimes. Oh well, I guess the two of them are a perfect pair because both of them are sooo jealous of each other. Chesca’s character is a bit harsh. I mean, she’s so maldita. That’s a good thing I would say, but when she’s jealous, she can’t help herself but be bitch to others, especially to girls that like Hector. Though, I must say that she’s still a good person after what Clark did to her, and all others that have hurt her.

What I just don’t like about it, is the over exaggerating description of each character. It’s all obvious to every romance fiction story, especially to tagalog romance novels, but it still makes me annoyed. But in this case, only a little. Haha, Jonaxx did a great job on that.

Plot and storyline:

As I mentioned above, this book is great. I’ve read a lot of stories about family feuds, but this one is different. Or I must say that Jonaxx made it different, like what she usually does with all her stories. She makes it more irresistible that you can’t help but finish it.

Final Thoughts:

This book will obviously make you fall in love. Inspire. And will give you a glimpse of what love is like. If it’s that great, then why 4 stars? You’ll know that answer if you properly read my review, *wink.

Read the book and be ready to fall in love.

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