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Wattpad Review – Mapapansin Kaya? by Jonaxx

Mapapansin Kaya? by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Mapapansin Kaya? by Jonaxx
Series: Alegria Boys, #1
Genre: Tagalog Romance
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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Ilang beses ba nating tinanong ang sarili natin kung mapapansin ba tayo ng mga taong mahal natin? Ilang beses ka ba magtatanong sa buong buhay mo? At ano sa tingin mo ang magiging sagot?

“Mapapansin kaya ako? Ang pag-ibig ko? Ang katauhan ko? Mapapansin Kaya?”

Paano kung hindi? Paano kung oo? Magkaiba ba ang gagawin mong desisyon o pareho lang? Mag-iiba ba ang pananaw mo o magpapatuloy ka lang sa kung anong alam mong constant?

Umaatikabong fame laban sa umaatikabong pag-ibig.


Reading the title, you would probably think that it’s going to be a cliché story eh? Well, that was my first impression too. The story is about this not-so-attractive girl who fell in love with a super gorgeous slash heat inducing hottie. I know it sounds so cliché, but beware, for the author made this story far from it. This story has a lot of twists and not to mention, super “kilig” moments.

Countless “kilig” moments, nice executions of scenes, and Jonaxx was able to make the guy character sound just like a real guy. Most of the tagalog romance novels I’ve read have this kind of problem because most of their guy characters sounded like a girl. So that is really a big point for the author.

I have noticed from the story how the author describes Wade’s (male main character) abs very exaggerated. If you know me well, I should be complaining right now aight? But surprisingly I’m not. The author may be describing its characters in a very exaggerated way but she managed to describe it not in an annoying way, like most tagalog romance novels do. In my case, it’s really believable. I was even close to droll. (at Wade’s heat inducing abs, hehehe)

Aside from the “kilig” moments, there were also some super funny scenes. So it’s not just a typical love story but also a funny one. Real entertaining! And some of the words used by the author were also entertaining like this one that I think I would never forget: “nabilaukan ang sasakyan”. Hahaha, seriously?

And Reina’s (female main character) green mindedness is really funny. And I love how Wade covers his face whenever he’s blushing. Awww, that’s so adorable Wade! And seriously Wade, why are you always showing those supah hot abs of yours? Are you seducing me? I mean, Reina? Hahaha.

Aside from making me “kilig” and laugh, this story also made me cry a waterfall. Waterfalls? Oh, I think only a sprinkler, hehehe. But seriously, this one left my eyes with tears. It was so touching. How can a guy be like that? How could Wade love that much? Huhu, it made me cry but the ending made me cry way MORE. I was really touched.

Any complaints about its characters? Well, I really don’t have one. Wade’s character is a picture of a real prince charming; the one who will also feel angry at the one he loves that left him but behind that angry disposition is a man who’s patiently waiting for his love to come back. Reina on the other hand is a picture of a woman who’s in love and who became a victim of love and pride.

This story is properly written. All scenes we’re a refreshing one to me though the plot may be a bit familiar. I don’t remember being confused because all the scenes were properly executed and the lines were very understandable. I can’t really describe how I really enjoyed this story for you to picture it out, so, just read it and be ready to fall in love, to laugh, to cry and to believe that true love still exists. And oh!, I almost forgot, this story has slight SPG scenes, so get ready and enjoy!

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8 years ago

Hi . Would u be able to give me the title of the book in english? Can ibuy it on ebay’?

Waiting for ur reply. Thanks

Vanessa Kay (Blushing Geek)

Hi Karen, I’m not sure if there’s an available English version of this book because this is only intended for Filipino readers, but you can reach out to the author here and see if she has one: http://www.wattpad.com/user/jonaxx

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