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Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery

For this trip, I decided to try something educational, and that’s how Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary came to mind. This place has been built in 1974 and I just found out about it recently, thanks to my good pal Google. It’s a private museum, art gallery and nature reserve run by the Jumalon Foundation. It is tucked away in the middle of Cebu City. I’m not really sure if all taxi drivers know the place, for I went there without riding the latter. It’s been my first time traveling alone so I figured a little adventure wouldn’t hurt, and it sure wasn’t! It’s located at Julian N. Jumalon St. Basak Pardo, Cebu City just at the back of Basak High School.  And lucky for you, I’ve prepared a detailed map below.

Map going to Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary | Blushing Geek

This Butterfly Sanctuary has a whole museum full of butterflies, not only from the Philippines but around the world. How cool is that? What’s also cooler is that they provide a detailed and informative tour, plus, the guide is so approachable and you can definitely ask a bunch of questions without being hit by laser eyes lol. The place originally served as residence of the late Cebuano lepidopterist Julian Jumalon. And I presume you now know how the sanctuary got its name eh?

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery | Blushing Geek

Inside the compound is a salon and garden. Inside the salon is Jumalon’s impressive collection of butterflies and other insects, like moths and beetles. From the most colorful to the biggest butterfly around the world. I can still remember my first reaction when I went inside, my mouth instantly form a big circle because the place is like paradise, but with preserved butterflies instead of the live one *wink.

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery | Blushing Geek
Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery | Blushing Geek

If you want to have a more magical wedding, or any occasions that requires butterfly, they are accepting live butterfly order:

  • Php30 each and a minimum of 30 pieces.
  • With box or paper triangle (Price depends on the size of the box)
  • Full payment or 50% down payment
  • Order must be few days before the occasion.
  • Accept delivery (Price of delivery charge depends on distance)

The compound also has a place on some of Jumalon’s popular paintings, for he’s also an artist. And speaking of artist, he was also asked to make a design for some old Philippine money, amazing right? The most popular among his works is his mosaics made entirely of butterfly wings (lepido mosaic) from damaged butterfly taken from his collection. All of them were really impressive but unfortunately I can’t show some pictures for it’s not allowed to take some photos of them inside the gallery. Too bad eh?

Their soothing garden has a collection of hundred butterfly food plant species. Among these plants flutters around 50 local and foreign species of butterflies but too bad, I only saw a few of them 🙁 I’ve asked the guide what’s the best month to visit there but he said that there isn’t any exact date for it really depends. But I guessed they’re many of them during summer.

To end my tour, the guide let me make a wish using a beautiful white butterfly. Just like wishing on your birthday candle, I closed my eyes and silently mentioned my wish in my mind and afterwards, set the butterfly free. And that my friend indeed is a great way to end such an informative tour aight?

You see more of the pictures I’ve taken in our Facebook account.

General Information

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary
J.N. Jumalon St., Basak Pardo 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Monday – Sunday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
(32) 261-6884

(check out this guide to finding the sanctuary)

Standard rates:

  • Adult – Php 100
  • Children under 12 – Php 50
  • Senior Citizen – Php 80

For group of students (20 or more)

  • Kinder, Elem., & Highschool – Php 40
  • College Students – Php 50
  • Parents/Guardian – Php 80

Date of Travel: December 2016

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery | Blushing Geek

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7 years ago

Oh wow! So pretty and interesting! I think I would love to have something like that here. We do get a butterfly exhibit (live ones) at the zoo during the summer months and it is amazing!

7 years ago
Reply to  kindlemom1

Yeah, it really was pretty and I’ve got to see it first hand. Live butterfly exhibit?! Wow, that’s definitely going to be amazing

Sophia Rose
7 years ago

What a great idea for a solo trip. You got some good pictures. It would be amazing to see all those butterflies live. Glad you had a good time, Vanessa.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Aw, thanks Sophia Rose. It was quite lonely at first but seeing those butterflies totally helped

Carole's Random Life
7 years ago

Great pictures! I think that some of the butterfly specimens are just beautiful. It can be a lot of fun to explore a museum like this one. Thanks for sharing this!

7 years ago

Thank you Carole 🙂

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