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Trekking Osmeña Peak in Cebu | Blushing Geek

Trekking Osmeña Peak Cebu

Osmeña Peak is the highest peak in the Queen City of the South which is standing 1,013 meters above sea level.  It’s unique from other mountain ranges in the Philippines because of its multiple jagged hills group together that overlook and stretch as far as the Badian shorelines.  Most people refer to it as the Chocolate Hills of Cebu but…

4th Blogging Anniversary | Blushing Geek

4th Blogging Anniversary

Can you believe it? It’s been FOUR YEARS since I started blogging! Actually, I still can’t believe it. Like, me, blogging?! Hello! It’s really happening! How it all started? If you happen to read my About page section, then I’m sure you already know my story, but for those who don’t, well then, let’s have a little story telling shall…

Book Review – Good Karma by Donya Lynne | Blushing Geek

Book Review – Good Karma by Donya Lynne

I always love the idea of a guy who got his heart broken and can’t seem to move on, but after meeting “the” girl, all of that changes. Cliché I know, but I love it, haha, sucker! This story has that idea and imagine my excitement, yep, I’ve been on cloud 9 reading the first few chapters.