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Review – Hotel Uno Davao

I’ve been meaning to write this review a few days after I went back from my first ever solo trip in Davao City but I got lazy, haha. Aside from the laundry and going back to work, another thing I hate about getting back after vacation is that I tend to get more lazy than normal, haha. That said, expect more late articles pertaining my travel in Davao in the coming days, *wink.

After securing my plane ticket, my next plan of action was finding the perfect hotel to stay in Davao. After spending so much researching for a hotel to say, I came across Hotel Uno. My main concern was the price and Hotel Uno fits the bill, plus I am loving the reviews I am reading online so I decided to contact them through Facebook and the rest is history.


The location of Hotel Uno is great since it is just a walking distance to the night market, banks, 711, Aldevinco Shopping Center and the church. The hotel is also situated in CM Recto St. which almost jeepney routes pass by.

Amenities, Staffs and Security

Their lobby is presentable, professional looking, welcoming, nice and clean. Plus, receptionists are always present so whenever you have questions, you can easily call them out. The staff were very courteous and accommodating too.

Hotel Uno may be a bit old but they have functioning elevators (which is really great especially if you’re carrying heavy luggage) and they are using cards instead of keys and the locks look really secured. During my stay, it was really quiet and there’s no noisy children playing in the lobby.

I also don’t have any negative comments about the security because during my stay, I felt secured. No suspicious looking person loitering in the lobby or entering the hotel and no peeping tom too (pheew), haha.

They also have a small cafe situated in the ground floor where you can order a meal. The prices were reasonable so if you’re feeling a bit lazy to go out, you can order and send them to your room.

Every room has wifi access too, but the signal is not that strong in my room.  But I guess the speed is sufficient for my needs so I guess it was somewhat decent overall.


I was aiming for a cheap accommodation and since I am just alone, I booked a single standard fan room for only Php250 ($4) a night which is actually their lowest rate. The most expensive is their family room which is Php2,430 ($47). All their room rates actually come with free breakfast except for fan rooms. You can check out more of their rates here.

Review: Hotel Uno Davao | Blushing Geek
Review: Hotel Uno Davao | Blushing Geek

I was really surprised with the very cheap rate so I was expecting that I wouldn’t stay there long. But when I opened the door, wow, that was unexpected. All I was expecting was just the bed but I was surprised with the table with a chair, the sink (which is really a relief), a mirror, a space I could hang my clothes, toiletries, a towel, and it was actually quite spacious in my opinion. The towels look very old but I always bring my own towel anyway so it was fine, and I am loving the bed! It wasn’t big coz obviously it’s only good for one person but I am loving the thick foam which is just what I wanted. I was also assigned to a room with windows since I requested one during my reservation. I guess the only major complaint that I have was the electric fan. It was installed at the side of the door (which is just above the sink) and is very far from the bed so I need to reposition my sleeping position. It wasn’t really that hot in the evening, so it was fine. Their single standard room has no exclusive CR so I am sharing it with others too.

I was actually more concerned with the CR so after checking out the room, I visited it and the shower room. It wasn’t 5-star quality but it was clean and presentable. I’m very picky with the CR actually, if I don’t like it, even if the room is beautiful, I will not stay long. I stayed three days in Hotel Uno, so that really speaks a lot eh?

How to book?

You can book your stay in Hotel Uno through Agoda, or any other booking apps. And you can also contact them directly through email or Facebook.


I actually had a good time at Hotel Uno. It wasn’t just a very budget friendly stay but it was also relaxing since it was so quiet. The location was perfect too which is really a win! So if you’re low in cash, Hotel Uno is recommended!

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Contact details

Telephone #: +63 82-282-1111
Mobile #: +63917682-0051 or +63933850-2210

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Hotel Uno nor this is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and I paid for my stay.

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6 years ago

Looks nice and clean and has all the essentials. I’m glad you had such a fun trip!

Karen @ For What It’s Worth

6 years ago
Reply to  Karen

Yes, it was really a pretty decent deal Karen 🙂

Nadene@Ttly addicted 2 reading

Sounds like you had a great time. It is good the hotel met your standards and you were comfortable.

Mary Kirkland
6 years ago

Wow, that’s really a good price for a room. And it looked like it was comfy enough.

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