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Wattpad Review – Worthless by Jonaxx

Worthless by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Worthless by Jonaxx
Series: Elizaldre Brothers, #2
Genre: Tagalog Romance
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Maria Georgianne Marfori loved Noah Elizalde more than anything in this world. Ganon din halos lahat ng mga babaeng kilala niya. Yes, he’s probably that hot and adorable. Kaya naman ay maaga niyang natutunan ang pagmamahal ng walang pag-aalinlangan at takot. Kailanman ay hindi niya naisip na darating ang araw na susuko siya at mapapagod. Never. Noah will end up with her no matter what. But is it really right to love him intensely at a very young age? Her family didn’t believe in love. They think it’s pure sentiment. They think purely loving someone with your heart was wrong. Binigyan tayo ng Panginoon ng puso at utak. Puso, para maramdaman ang sentiment. Utak, para mapag-isipan kung dapat bang tanggapin ang sentiment ng puso. We have to identify who’s the better judge.

But then again, we do always have that chance to judge? Paano kung ipaglaban mo man iyon ay wala ka parin namang halaga? How are you going to fight for your heart when you know from the very beginning you will lose? That you are worthless?

Why do we all want this? To love what does not love us. To leave those who want to stay. To push away those who want to stay close. To treasure what is worthless.


This is entirely the effect of my No Perfect Prince hangover which I’m still having while writing this review. (guilty as ever) My oh my! Jonaxx really never fails to amaze me with all her books. This one is different in No Perfect Prince but they are both amazing. The writing style we’re superb and the scenes stick up together. Well, honestly, I was a bit confused while starting the story. It was because I’ve read the story Heartless first. You’ll know what I mean if you read both the stories 😉 I don’t want to elaborate because it’s going to be an effing spoiler. And I bet you wouldn’t want that.

This book is in series, but you can read it standalone. But I’m still suggesting to read all 3 books. Why? Simply because they are all amazing and it’s going to be unwise not to. My favorite of all 3 would be the Mapapansin Kaya, simply because Wade is so effing hot. Haha, see? I’m turning into a crazy monster. I’ve heard of another addition to this story and I can’t wait to read it.

There’s a lot of questions in my mind on Noah’s actions toward Megan. He’s so mean to her which made me hate him, but not too much to not love him. Oh my! I can’t believe it’s possible for me to want all jonaxx’s book heroes.

The story line was great no doubt, but I was just a bit (only a bit ok? Hehe) disappointed by its ending. After all Megan’s Dad struggles not for them to be together, that’s it? It’s not because I don’t want the two of them together, but I was expecting a more intense way for Noah to get Megan. Oh well, that explains my 4 stars above. But in all fairness, the whole story was great excluding the ending.

I know it’s a spoiler, but could you spare me this one? Haha, I just can’t control myself not to share this. Ahem. I can’t believe these Elizalde guys! Both Noah and Rozen made all their girls get preggy. Haha, what a bullseye.

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