Wattpad Review - Baka Sakali 2 by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Wattpad Review – Baka Sakali 2 by Jonaxx

Baka Sakali 2 by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Baka Sakali 2 by Jonaxx
Series: Baka Sakali Trilogy, #3
Genre: Tagalog Romance
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Sa bagong kabanata ng buhay nina Roseanne Aranjuez at Jacob Buenaventura, magpapatuloy ang pag-iibigang tila pinatibay na ng pagsubok at hirap at finally mawawala na ang walang humpay na pagbabakasakali.

Lingid sa kanilang kaalaman, susubukin pa ulit ng tadhana ang relasyon nila at mapipilitan silang malayo sa isa’t isa. Gaano ba talaga katibay ang pag-iibigan nila at kakayanin ba nilang harapin ang mga susunod na pagsubok?

Pipilitin nilang hamakin ang tukso, hirap, galit, pangamba, at pag-aalinlangan upang malagpasan ang lahat ng pagsubok dahil… baka sakali…

Baka sakali…


Baka Sakali 1 is undeniably a great read and I still can’t move-on from the line “sparkling moreno abs”, hahaha. Well, in this one, it is different. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the book started really corny. The usual super exaggerated description is still there and I think it is more intense now. So sorry author, but I am starting to hate how the story goes (correction: how the story started, ehe). And to my horror, I am starting to find Jacob as a pervert (duh). Pervert in an annoying way and not in a funny way, (who would like that?). And about the character named Brandon, he sometimes sounded gay. Though I liked how this annoying and “full of air” in the head character became matured and was a great help to Rossie. (I think I love you na Brandon, hehe)

I think that summarizes my review about the book eh? Hehehe, sorry for this very short review, don’t worry, there’s still a third book to review next.

Final Thoughts:

I know the stars I lit above aren’t that catchy. But maybe you’ll like it more than I did. Well, all I wanted to say is that even if I didn’t like it that much, I’m still recommending it, *wink.

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