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Review Policy

You can browse my reviews here. My goal for this blog is to provide honest opinions in each book/manga/anime/webtoons/tagalogromance that I review, while being respectful at the same time.  It is not my desire or intention to make others feel bad because of my reviews, even in some scenes that I do not like. All of my reviews posted here are subjective and may not reflect the opinion of my readers.

Please note that I will not respond to any review request sent directly via email. I will only respond to request being made via my contact request form here.

Do you review books/manga/anime/webtoons/tagalog romance for free?

All reviews are completely free and I only accept books written in English. However, please do not contact me if you write about any of the following:

  • pedophilia
  • rape for arousal
  • incest
  • bestiality
  • necrophilia
  • urine play
  • educational books

Also, I prefer to read ALL books in the series, unless it’s standalone. (depends in circumstances as well)

How long will it take you to read my book/manga/webtoons/tagalog romance or watch my anime?

I do not guarantee for a quick review.  I’m a mood reader/watcher, meaning, I read/watch based on what appeals to me as of the moment and not based on schedule. So I can’t promise for a review in a given time frame.  But for ARCs, I try to read and review before release day or the very least release week. That said, the review request should be made atleast 2 weeks in advance. If you need something specific, then please include that in your review request.

What formats do you accept (only for books)?

I own a kindle, so MOBI files would be my preference. I also accept ARC paper and hardbacks. To invite me to an Edelweiss or Netgalley galley, please use If you are mailing me a review copy, please send me an email and I will send you my mailing address (will submit for approval ofcourse).

What do you need for reviewing webtoons?

This is very tricky. I usually read my reviews on either lezhin, tapas and tappytoon and I know they can be quite pricey especially if your webtoon has lots of chapter (episodes). To remedy that, I would be asking for an ARC file if there’s any.

What will be included in your review post?

In my review post, you can expect the cover, the book sypnosis (taken from either goodreads or amazon, but mostly goodreads), purchased links (if available), author information (if you send it to me), my rating (please take note that I can’t guarantee a review, unless I love the story or if really affects me) and teasers (if you send them to me).

What are the reasons why my book/manga/webtoons/tagalog romance/anime won’t be reviewed?

Blushing Geek is a one-woman blog. I am working a regular 8-hour job a day with a dog and family to take care of. Publishing a review takes time to write with graphics and then cross promote to my social media accounts. So if I don’t enjoy it, then it doesn’t make sense for me to write it all up. But rest assured that I inform the person who asks the review why I didn’t review or finish it.

For my rating system, you can read it here.

Do you accept blog tours & promo posts?

Absolutely! But I only post promotional content for books/manga/webtoons/tagalog romance/anime that I genuinely liked or think that my readers will like.

Please note for blog tours and promo posts, send them atleast 2 weeks in advance so I have time to delegate them to my posting schedule.

Do you also open for giveaways?

If I review your book/manga/webtoons/tagalog romance/anime and like it, I would absolutely love to offer a copy to my readers! However, the sending of a copy to the prize winner should be your responsibility. I have readers outside the Philippines, so giveaways that are open internationally are welcome, but are not necessary (it’s expensive, I understand).


And lastly, I reserve the right not to post a review. In that event, I will notify the author or the publisher via email as to why I am not writing a review.

Are you ready to send a review request?

To send a review request, kindly fill out this form here.

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