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My Iloilo Experience

Finally a proper travel experience to share for this year!

Early this month, I finally visited​​ Iloilo and it was amazing! This time, I am traveling alone after so many years. Char, it sounds like I am always traveling alone, lol. Actually, this was my second time traveling alone and it feels so surreal. My first time solo travel was in Davao, and it was in the middle of martial law. But despite that, it was an amazing first solo travel experience and was very safe, *wink.

Why Iloilo?

I am familiar with Iloilo because of the famous Gigantes Island and their amazing foods, but one of the biggest reasons why I chose Iloilo as my second solo travel destination was because of my friend. It was a long time ago, but I still remember so vividly how my friend gushed about Iloilo. And ever since that day, I’ve been looking out for airfare promos online. You know me, I love traveling cheaply, lol.

Iloilo City

It’s my first time there, but it feels familiar and very clean. It also feels very urban but at the same time, very rural because there’s plants and trees everywhere, even in the city centers. And I really like that!

It felt extremely familiar when I finally went to my hotel, which is just beside the La Paz Market (which is known for their La Paz Batchoy). Man, it feels like I am in the old Carbon Market. I like that! It just feels like I am home. Honestly!

Public Transportation

I am very concerned about this part when it comes to traveling because I usually travel cheaply. Meaning, I go to different tourist spots using public transportation but I’m not always good with directions, lol.

Luckily, Iloilo transportation is pretty safe and straightforward. Or maybe I’m just lucky that my research paid off, considering that I only did it at the last minute, lol. Plus, Ilonggos are very kind and approachable. So please don’t be shy on asking directions to the locals when you’re not sure where you are going, *wink.

There’s also a lot of legroom in their public jeepneys, so opting for public transportation while you’re there is comfortable enough. If the weather is too hot for you, you can also hail their modern jeepneys which is only Php2 more than the usual jeepney. When I was there, it was too hot so most of the time, I used the modern jeepneys unless there’s no option, lol. Btw, their minimum fare for the jeepneys are Php12 and Php14 for the modern jeepneys (just like Cebu).


As I mentioned above, Ilonggos are very kind people. I think the whole time I was there, there wasn’t a day that I didn’t approach a local and ask directions, because they are very approachable. I also didn’t have a bad experience with the people and everything else while I was there. As a matter of fact, they don’t hesitate to help. On my third day there, while I was asking one of the receptionists where I could ride a bus or jeepney going to Miagao Church, this other lady who was also talking to the other receptionist kindly helped me. She said she’s from there so she instructed me what jeepney to ride. So I was really thankful!


Ilonggos are also known for their sweet spoken Hiligaynon dialect. But most of them also understand and speak Bisaya, which I didn’t know at first, so the first day I was there, I was speaking Tagalog, lol. I only knew about it when I accidentally heard a passenger speaking Bisaya.

Apparently, most Ilonggos understand Bisaya because there’s a lot of people from Cebu, Davao and other parts of Visayas that are now staying in Iloilo. A local there told me that most Ilonggos understand Bisaya but not all can speak it, so if they don’t they usually answer in Tagalog or Hiligaynon if you happen to ask for directions. Unless you are a Foreigner, ofcourse.

Ofcourse, Food

Another thing Iloilo is known for is their food. While I was there, I was only able to try La Paz Batchoy, puto and Pancit Molo. All of which are my recommendation, and definitely a must try if you are in Iloilo. I had my batchoy and puto at Netong’s in La Paz Market, and the Pancit Molo at the Molo Mansion.

I was supposed to try Roberto’s siopao but I missed it because I was preoccupied with the super hot weather on my first day there, lol.

For Iloilo delicacies to bring home, you can check out Biscocho Haus. I personally recommend their butterscotch and biscocho (obviously, lol).

My Overall Experience

Iloilo is definitely one of my unforgettable travels, both solo and with family/friends. Very nice people, amazing tourist  spots and delicious foods.

What are you waiting for, visit Iloilo now!

My Iloilo Travel Experience - Blushing Geek

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Sophia Rose
11 months ago

You are like me and enjoy trying foods when on vacation. I’m glad your second solo trip went so well and you had a great vacation experience. Love seeing your pictures, too.

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