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Manhwa Review – Daytime Star

Daytime Star Manhwa | Blushing Geek

Daytime Star by Chae-eun, Godago
Genre: Modern, Celebrity, Romance
77 Chapters

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (just perfect!)

5 star ratuing | Blushing Geek

Hwang Yura has always dreamed of becoming a star. Unfortunately, luck does not seem to be on her side, as she has yet to land a major role despite making her debut seven years ago. Still, Yura continues to put her best foot forward and receives a role in a movie destined for success. Much to her dismay, she is once again cast in a minor role.

Once on set, Yura runs into two familiar faces—her narcissistic ex-boyfriend Kim Jeong-u and famous actor Kang Seunghyeon. While Yura promises herself to keep her head in the game despite Jeong-u’s egotistical presence, the handsome Seunghyeon takes an interest in her due to the circumstances of their previous encounters. Through the strenuous filming, the unknown actress and the lead star form a unique relationship. All the while, Yura tackles the relentless challenges of the entertainment industry on her journey to stardom.


This manhwa is just perfect! This holds a lot since I’m not a big fan of modern romance let alone a celebrity romance in my manhwa. Daytime Star just delivered it perfectly not just with the story but also with the art. As I’ve said, it was perfect!

I could have ended this review with just one paragraph above, but I feel like I need to elaborate so you will be more convinced to really try this manhwa out!

It was actually shorter in total number of chapters than what I expected, but surprisingly, I feel like it was done right. There were no unnecessary scenes and absolutely no annoying fillers just to make this story longer. I believe each chapter was perfectly planned and executed. And I effing love that! Definitely no time wasted.

I also love both the main characters. I’m a superficial reader, and I am a total girly when it comes to my romance manhwa, so most of the time, I get captivated by the ML more than I do with the FL (unless they’re really total bada*ss, *wink). I just easily get turned off when the FL makes or does things that are considered pretty annoying and stupid, that’s why most of the time, I cheer for the MLs more than the FLs. So it was a really pleasant surprise that I ended up loving both the main characters equally. They are very likable plus the ML is absolutely the greenest flag in the whole manhwa universe ever! As of now, I don’t think someone can overtake his place anytime soon, *wink. The FL on the other hand is very strong. Yes, she failed in love, and is struggling with her career, but she still keeps on going which is pretty impressive since most people give up after so many failures and disappointments. So I was really happy and proud once she finally showed the world what she can do and finally reached success. Ya go girl!

Another thing I liked about this is that both the main characters stood out for me. I can usually easily pick one top fave between the main characters, but for this manhwa, I pick both. Although ML was already a well-known actor, I still feel that both of them shine more when they are together. Now I don’t think I can imagine one without the other. They’re like a complete package together.

As for the side characters, I love most of them except for the crazy ex, lol. He was downright creepy and delusional. His story is another one of the long list of examples of people that had their “one that got away” moment. But this guy screwed that up big time! It’s a relief that he got what he deserved in the end and was finally out of the picture for good. There were no more annoying exes, so it was perfect for me. Weew. Female exes usually turned me off since most of them usually fight dirty, so it was really a relief that there’s no such drama in this manhwa.

I would also like to especially mention FLs female manager. She rocks! She didn’t leave FL after such a long time and was always there for her through thick and thin. After everything, I was happy that she also had a happy ending that she deserves. Cheers for that!

And lastly, I love the art of this manhwa. Everything is just perfect, that even seeing the annoying ex makes it bearable because of the art, lol.

Celebrity romances are usually cliche and toxic for me, so I am glad this one proved to me that there are still some hidden gems out there. Daytime Star definitely sets the bar high for me. Super duper highly recommended!

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Sophia Rose
5 months ago

Wow! Pretty impressive when you don’t care for that type of romance situation with the celebrity romances, but still loved this one and both lead characters stood out for you.

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