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Manhwa Review – Don’t Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister

Don't Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister | Blushing Geek

Don’t Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister written by Andersenlove, art by Radol, Maybe
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
60 chapters

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Javotte Wincheston shoots a venomous glare at the men leering at Cinciarell in the ballroom. Yes, it’s true that she didn’t really care for her younger stepsister in the past. But ever since Cinciarell miraculously woke her up from a coma by body slamming her, Javotte has had a soft spot for her stepsister. Javotte is now determined to step up as House Wincheston’s heir and become the true head of the household. With the help of her new, mysterious lover from the empire, she struggles to find ways to revive the dying family business. But her mother, who has always been so benevolent and caring, seems to have no intention of letting that happen. Will Javotte be able to restore the Wincheston name to its former glory and find out what sort of secrets her mother is hiding?


I’ve been so addicted to manhwa lately that I’ve been having a hard time finishing any books lately, sorry 🙁 The genres that I’ve been so interested in lately were of course yaoi, isekai and villainess stories. And looking at the title, I’m sure you can already guess why I chose to read this one eh? Hahaha.

When I started this manhwa, the first thing I noticed was the art. I’m not particularly a fan of it. It was ok, and the design of the male characters were really good but I think the design of the female characters could be improved. But other than that, I think everything was ok and not really too distracting. As you can see, I finished this story and ended up liking it, *wink.

Aside from the romance between the main characters, another thing I found really interesting in this manhwa was the reference to the popular grimm stories, like Cinderella and Snow White (very little). I always love retelling, so reading about how the author made a twist on those popular fairytale stories makes this manhwa even more interesting for me.

As for the romance, I  think it was done really well. It was simple but really sweet, and the chemistry between the two is so palpable it’s impossible not to get affected. Another thing that makes me like this manhwa is that it didn’t just focus on the romance between the main characters, but also on the side characters as well, and the FL’s relationship with her sisters. Although the romance started so early in the story, it didn’t leave me bored because there’s a lot more to look forward to in this manhwa.

For the characters, I don’t think there’s something to get disappointed about. Both of them are really likable, especially the ML. Myyyyy, I think that guy’s tongue is made of sugar lol, hahaha. Aside from the main characters, I’m sure you will also like the side characters too and cheering for them.

I LOVE HEA, and this manhwa had them big time! It’s not just between the main characters, but also on the side characters as well. I love babies in manhwa, so I was really happy to see their kids <3

Don’t Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister is definitely a fun read. Highly recommended.

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Mary Kirkland
1 year ago

It’s nice when you find something like you really like.

Carole @ Carole's Random Life

This sounds great! I do love a book with a HEA.

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

How fun to see the villain from the fairytale get her own story.

Carrie @ The Butterfly Reaer

This sounds great! I’m going to have to check it out! Plus, the art style is so pretty.

1 year ago

Don’t feel bad for having a hard time finishing any books, I’ve been on a reading slump lately, it happens to all of us at some point 😣 However, I’m pretty good at keeping up with manga 😁 and I just love that you keep reviewing manhwa because I feel like I should try those and enjoy them as well!

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