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Review – The Sun’s Heartbeat by Jonaxx

The Sun’s Heartbeat by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

The Sun’s Heartbeat by Jonaxx
Genre: Romance
Series: Costa Leona, #14
Language: Tagalog
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The Sun’s Heartbeat is the upcoming 14th and the final book in the Costa Leona Series. It’s the story of Snow’s aunt and Amber’s mother, Maria Emilia “Marem” Galvez-Sevilla and the father of Sibal and Jaxon, Achilles Riego.


The Sun’s Heartbeat is about the love story of Marem and Achilles, which were familiar characters in the Costa Leona series. Of all the books in this series, I have to say that this one is the most painful and thereful unforgettable story for me. Heck, just thinking about it still makes me want to cry, huhuhu.

And speaking of crying, the first chapter (Simula) gave us (for me) the most painful part in this story. Which explains why I wasn’t impressed with Achilles. I usually love Jonaxx’s MLs but for this one, nope. Nuh uh.

Reading some comments, I know there are half who hated Achilles and another half hating their circumstances. And where am I on that list? Neither. I didn’t like his decision but I don’t really hate him since I can definitely see his point. We could also hate the person who was the source of the misunderstanding, but surprisingly, I don’t hate her. Probably because I am tired of hating her from the previous books in this series? Maybe. But it was also because I can understand her decision. You see, this story showed us people’s true nature when they were hurt and betrayed.

Speaking of people’s true nature, we got to see a lot of that on Marem’s character. She was such a spoiled brat as a teenager. She’s very rude and speaks harshly to others which was the reason why she was hated in her school. Then comes the time she fell in love and then got betrayed and hurt, which resulted in her getting angry and doing unspeakable things to the person who hurt her.

This whole story was taken from Marem’s POV so all the pain she felt, all the bad decisions she made really took all of my emotions. Especially her desperation to get the man she loved back MANY MANY times, heck, it really pierced my heart. This story just proves how scary love can be. The things she did to get back at Achilles for hurting her was ofcourse bad since she also involved his children, her niece and even her daughter, but I can definitely sympathize. Ofcourse it was bad, but after reading all of her sufferings and pain, I guess it’s hard to fault her. I just wished she didn’t drag it too long.

Usually for this series, we’ve got one chapter all taken from the ML’s POV, but we didn’t get one here. That’s why my impression of Achilles didn’t change. When he decided to hurt Marem after finding out about their “relationship” was selfish for me. Marem easily gives up even for just a simple reason, so I can really see how unreliable she can be if she found out about the truth, plus Achilles promised not to tell anyone. But heck, they are both in a relationship. So the decision should be made by both of them even if he/she thinks the other can’t make a decision. Love can make people do things, so that part is definitely possible in real life. But what really irks me more is the fact that he can’t lie to her that he doesn’t love her anymore despite the fact that he already hurt the both of them when he gave her up. Which resulted in her still begging for him to take her back SO MANY times. Reading those parts was real torture for me. Achilles indeed is the most noble and stupid out of all Jonaxx’s MLs. But he was a good father to both Sibal and Jaxon.

More information was disclosed from the past books which really surprised me, so I can’t help but be more nostalgic now that this series is ending, huhuhu. It was well detailed so all of those painful scenes were EXTRA painful as I read through them which left me with red eyes after finishing this story. Jonaxx’s writing just gets better and better and this story is definitely one of her best. The 4-stars rating was because of the story, but Jonaxx writing style was definitely impeccable.

Ofcourse after all of those tears and snot, Jonaxx gave us the ending that Marem deserves. I think it was simple but considering all of the pains they’ve endured, I believe that it was the perfect ending for both Marem and Achilles. I’m not a big fan of Marem but after reading all of her pains and sufferings, I am really happy that she finally got the happiness she deserves <3

My favorite lines from this story was posted here.

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Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Glad you could enjoy it even if Achilles was a hated character.

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