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Manhua Review – My Boss is a Goddess by Ah Tai

My Boss is a Goddess by Ah Tai | Blushing Geek

My Boss is a Goddess by Ah Tai
Editor: Fei Shi
Genre: Shounen ai, Romance, Comedy,
75 chapters + 2 extra chapters

Read it on Bilibili
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In this world, there are many special, unique, and glamorous people. However, there are those who play a supporting role in these relationship dynamics. Lin Mu was one such character, where he played the role of a wallflower.


Looking at the cover and reading the title, I was really curious about the connection. Never would I have guessed that there’s going to be crossdressing involved, hahaha. What I always love about reading manhwa and manhua is the colored art. You could say that I get easily swayed if I love the art, hahaha. And it goes to say that I really love the art of this one. The character design looks pretty good too. Both the main characters were so pretty when crossdressing that sometimes I ask the One above “where’s the justice in that?”. Here I am a girl but both of them look more like a real woman than me, wahahahhaa.

This story started showing us Lin Mu who is basically just a wallpaper at their office. His colleagues wouldn’t notice he’s in the room unless he talks, lol. Then Fu Xiao on the other hand is known as a devil in their office, hahahaha. He has a bad temper and he doesn’t censor his language when he’s pissed so all of their colleagues are really afraid of him even though he looks really handsome.

Then Lin Mu accidentally caught Fu Xiao wearing girl’s clothing. Is his boss a pervert?!

I have to say that that idea alone sold me into finishing this story. Heck, I didn’t even notice that this story was already completed until I reached the end lol. I am not usually a big fan of office romance stories, but I really enjoyed reading this one hahaha. Sorry, my mind is still in a jumble, I don’t know if I am writing this review right, wahahaha.

The romance between Lin Mu and Fu Xiao was actually done in a pretty nice flow for me. It’s a spoiler (sorry). Fu Xiao was actually the first one who developed feelings for Lin Mu, but little Lin Mu here is a very innocent and dense kid. It took him quite a while to notice his feelings lol.

Aside from the romance, I love that it has a lot of funny scenes too that thinking about it still makes me laugh. Just like the previous bilibili story that I’ve read, My Boss is a Goddess also has a lot of hilarious facial expressions that will sure make you laugh.

As for the characters, I don’t really have any complaints at all. Lin Mu is such a nice and innocent kid. He always believes in kindness that even though he’s down, he still helps people in need. His backstory was really sad, so I am really glad how he was able to face it and with Fu Xiao at his side, awwwie. As for the physical appearance, he works at the fashion department but he’s bad at fashion, hahaha. It’s obvious that he’s really cute, so I wasn’t surprised how he looked after his transformation, *wink.

Fu Xiao on the other hand is very very attractive but with a very very bad attitude too, hahaha. He’s not very well liked at the office, but he’s very good at his job. He looks strict and stoic, so I was really surprised about the crossdressing part, hahaha. But in all fairness, he really nailed it. He may be awkward at showing emotions, but I really love reading those parts when he finally fell in love with Fu Xiao. It was really cute.

There were some really annoying side characters, but it didn’t really irritate me that much because Fu Xiao made sure that Lin Mu will not get hurt, *wink.

Thinking about it now, it wasn’t really a very solid story but the characters were very likable, and both the art and the story were very entertaining. Which I believe is enough for me to give this story a 4 star rating, *smile.

If you’re looking for a really good laugh and you love yaoi, then My Boss is a Goddess is definitely a must-read! PS, there’s a really attractive crossdressing involves here (both of the main characters) which I’m sure you will enjoy, *wink.

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🤍The Butterfly Reader 🖤 (Querying) (@sweet_cherry69)

This sounds like a fun read!

2 years ago

I’m glad that you liked it, it does sound like it was fun.

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