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Manhua Review – My Young Lady is a Neet

My Young Lady is a Neet | Blushing Geek

My Young Lady is a Neet
Chief Artist: Sunflower-braised quail
Scriptwriter: Kumakichi
Producer: Fairy club
Editor: Jun
Genre: Romance, Comedy
79 chapters

Read it on Bilibili
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The daughter of the Li Family has always been mysterious, and it has always been rumored that she’s a prim and proper, graceful young lady. In reality, however, she is a shut-in otaku who never puts on make up nor brushes her hair, and even has social anxiety. Upon being met with an engagement from Han Group, the young university student-cum-insurance


I just recently started an account on Bilibili comics after continuously seeing its ad on my otome game, hahaha. And luckily, I was just in time to avail their late New Year gift, in which all the comics in their library are unlocked for 4 days enabling its readers to read without the waiting time. Yay!

There’s a lot of interesting stories to try, and this story, My Young Lady is a Neet, is one of the most popular completed comics. So why not?!

My Young Lady is a Neet is just a medium length story and it was really entertaining. It was a story of a guy who was tasked into making a shut-in neet to become a proper lady. The start of the story was already eventful and funny. I really love the art and the facial expressions were hilarious. The character designs were pretty good too, but I just noticed that some girls in this story almost look the same because their hair colors were in the same color hue. But it wasn’t really that big of a deal since it was easy to differentiate the characters because of their varying personalities. Which is really kind of colorful if you ask me, wahahaha.

This story is listed under romance and comedy genres, but I think it is more comedy than romance. There were some really cute moments between the main characters but what stood out to me more was the comedy, hahaha. It was just really hilarious, you have to see it!

I actually have no major complaints about its main characters. There may be times that I think they acted out of character, but it wasn’t really that annoying. It was also very nice to know more about them as the story progresses, which I have to say was done pretty well. No head-tearing conflict as well, so my reading experience was really pleasant considering that the background of the main characters were a bit in the dark side. I’m just happy how they were able to overcome it together.

Aside from the main characters, you will also enjoy the romance of one of the side characters too, *wink.

The story may not be that polished and there might be some plot holes here and there, but it really didn’t bother me that much. This story was just really entertaining to read and I can’t count how many times I laughed my heart out reading it. Unfortunately, I was not content with the ending. I just need my HEA!

Overall, it was still a very enjoyable read and I really recommend it for readers who are just looking for a nice laugh.

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2 years ago

I mean, who doesn’t need a good laugh? If you find a comedy that works and delivers some pretty art as well, I see why you can’t complain 😉 I’ll keep this one in mind, Vanessa!

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