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Manhwa Review – At the End of the Road by Haribo

At the End of the Road by Haribo | Blushing Geek

At the End of the Road by Haribo
Published November 9th 2016 by Lezhin
Genre: Shounen ai, Psychological, Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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After a car accident, Taemin finds himself in the body of Siwon, a victim of bullying at school. No longer a pushover, he starts standing up for himself but then meets Woojin, an old friend from the past. Somehow, Woojin immediately picks up Tamin’s ‘scent’ from Siwon. What happened between these two in the past and how will it affect their future?


As I’ve mentioned in my post here, I’ve discovered a lot of really good webtoons lately, and I don’t think I’ll get enough of them soon. At the End of the Road, didn’t disappoint too.

Before I talk any further, let me tell you in advance that this is a yaoi (boys love) story, so if this is not your cup of tea, you might want to read my other review instead, hehehe. And also, be warned, I may drop a spoiler or two below, *wink.

One thing I love about this story is the plot. Most, or should I say, ALL of the yaoi I’ve read and watched before don’t have any fantasy or supernatural elements to them, so when I found out about the soul transferring thing in this story, THAT totally got my attention. Well, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve read or watched any yaoi before that I really really hate. I’m not usually picky in this genre, so I guess that might be the reason? Wahahaha.

If you’re not a fan of this “soul transferring” thing, I guarantee that that’s the only supernatural element in this story. Other than that, the rest of the story was narrated in a normal setting and we’re finally seeing the romance, ayeiii! I genuinely love the romance, others might think that it was too fast how the main lead was able to believe that it was him, but considering the number of chapters this webtoon has, I don’t feel it was done in a haste. And besides, if you will see the chapter on how much the guy loves the other guy (sorry, I am really bad with names wahahaha), you will think that it was pretty normal. Anyone who’s that hopelessly in love will believe anything.

The art is kind of different for me, but along the way, I find both characters really hot wahahaha. I’m really so petty so please bear with me, hahaha. I don’t think I have something I hate about the illustration though, so I think that’s the only thing I can say on this one, hehehe, sorry.

I know there were some yaoi out there that are very graphic, so I already readied myself before I started this story. But surprisingly, this one is very wholesome (although there were some scenes that I wish to see more, wahahaha, sorry I’m afraid I’m getting more perverted everyday hahaha). There were definitely some kissing, but that’s just that, *wink.

As for the characters, I actually like both the main characters. I don’t think there were times that I really hated them hahaha. I just adore how the guy, aw heck, this is really confusing not to mention the name hahaha. So let me rephrase, hahaha. I really adore how Han Siwok (thanks google for reminding me the name, hahaha) loves Yoon Taemin, that he will do anything just for him. Most yaoi leads has this overprotective quality in them to the point that it’s suffocating, but in this one, Han Siwok is overprotective, but its not annoying in this story because for a change, the other guy, Yoon Taemin, is a fighter so he knows how to defend himself.

As for the side characters, heck, there’s this 1 character here that I really want to boil alive hahaha. I love twins, but reading this one story makes me rethink why I love twins hahaha. Seeing my reaction above, I think it’s enough to say that the side characters were able to portray their roles well eh? I usually hate stories with these kinds of characters, but surprisingly, I still ended up liking this story as a whole, *wink.

I have to mention this at the end because I think this is one of the most important aspects in this story. Aside from the romance, this story has some really dark topics that may be a bit disturbing to some. It involves bullying and rape. So if this is something that you’re not comfortable with, I don’t think this story is for you.

The story is really good, but I have to retract 1 star because I think there’s still some few points in this story that should be explained more. One example would be the “soul transferring” thing. And also about Han Siwok’s family. I think that one is a good thing to start with if ever the author will make a book 2 for this one.

So if you are a yaoi reader and a brave one, you may want to check out At the End of the Road by Haribo. Have fun reading!

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