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Manhua Review – This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real!

This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real! by Wan Xu He Nian

This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real! by Wan Xu He Nian
Genre: Romance
60 chapters

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

After being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend, the rich young miss Xia Zhenzhen was dragged into a marriage meeting by her dear mom. In order to avoid that, she entered a contract romance with a handsome waiter from a bar under her sister’s encouragement! As per their contract, his time for her money, they would be lovey-dovey in the public and strangers in private. They agreed that this contract romance must not turn real, but wait, why is this guy looking at me so angrily?!


My everyday lounging at bilibili to release my stress because of my new job really pays off, wahahaha. This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real! is one of the few manhua that I found on bilibili that I really really enjoyed. I’ve read A LOT from bilibili, but I can only count in both my hands how many of those that I truly enjoy, and this story is definitely one of the few!

I always love pretend romances even though most of these stories are cliche. I’m not even sure how to explain it, lol. This manhua is technically like your usual pretend relationship stories, but I think what attracted me most to this story was how the couple first met. Thinking about it now, I don’t think there’s really something special to it, but I just find it really cute. Their first meeting was like destiny, heck, I don’t even believe in such a thing lol. But this story is making me a believer, hahaha.

Most romance manhua are long, like super long it could take more than 200 chapters more. But for this story, there’s only 60 chapters overall including 2 extra chapters and I think it was more than enough for me. There were no unnecessary scenes added just to make this story long. Certainly no drama at all, and I really love that! This was a really really cute story that thinking about it still makes me smile. And I absolutely love the special chapters which is giving us a glimpse of their life as a married couple <3

As for the characters, I actually love the couple. Heck, I don’t think I have any negative reaction at all, hahaha. The FL here is a really independent character, which makes it more enjoyable for me to read. She’s such a tough cookie and seeing her mother, I can see how she got it, wahahaha.The ML on the other hand, gave me a cool first impression. Well, I think it’s because of the look, wahahaha. I’m really such a petty person lol. He’s 3 years younger than the FL so his reaction about his romance with the FL is so cute to read, hehehe. He’s younger than her, but I really really love the part where he finally stood up for her and how he finally expresses his love for the FL. His stance on doing things on his own regarding his singing career was really commendable. These two are really alike, such a perfect match!

As for the side characters, there’s not much so they are very easy to keep track of. They are diverse so they are really enjoyable to read. There’s 1 character here that was really annoying, but it didn’t destroy my whole reading experience because the couple is just so great <3 Considering their personalities and social standing, I am really glad that everything worked out well. And that ML didn’t make that a really big issue for their relationship, which I was really expecting would be the case at first. Waaahhh! They’re just perfect, period hahaha.

As for the art, well, what can I say, I definitely love it! The character design for the couple is perfect, both of them are just so good looking <3 I believe that I’m not very particular in this aspect of the story just as long as the main couple looks pretty, wahahaha. So I’m sorry for being so petty lol.

This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real is definitely a must-read, especially for those who are just like me, who enjoy pretend romance stories, *wink. It’s also perfect for those that are just looking for a short cute read. Enjoy!

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Sophia Rose
1 year ago

I like this type of romance set up, too. I’m glad you found a good one and it wasn’t too long. I’ll have to mark this one for my reading list.

1 year ago

It is so nice when you find an enjoyable story that doesn’t have any unnecessary scenes. This does sound really good.

1 year ago

It’s a cute set up that usually gives you some laughs, too. I’m glad this worked well for you, Vanessa, and I’m with Carole about the unnecessary scenes, so kudos to that! 🙂

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