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Wattpad Review – Ripped by Jonaxx

Ripped by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Ripped by Jonaxx
Series: Alegria Girls, #2
Genre: Tagalog Romance
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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

No one is good enough to deserve the beautiful Freya Cuevas of Alegria. She’s witty, smart, and confident. Lahat halos sa buong campus ay hinahangaan siya. From the consecutive wins to topping her batch’s classes. Lahat ng iyon, nangunguna siya. Kahit yata sa pusong pinakahahangaang lalaki sa kanilang eskwelahan.

Her life is perfect. She can control anything and anyone. It’s so easy! Kaya naman mabilis siyang nachachallenge sa isang bagay. She did everything perfectly for it. She played with it like it’s just a funny game.

Pero nang isa-isa na nitong nakuha ang lahat ng noon ay sa kanya, napagtanto niyang nagkamali siya. She ruined her own titles. She destroyed her own name. She ripped her own heart.


I’ve been reading book after book last Sunday and I just realized that I am binged reading. And I haven’t even noticed it lol, or maybe I’m just in denial? Haha. Well, it all actually started when I read Whipped. Dang! I got so addicted that it left me wanting to read more. I tried to suppress it by reading a suspense book from Mary Higgins Clark but after finishing it and writing its review I found out that I still have time and I don’t want to sleep yet. After silent deliberation with myself, I decided to read book 2 of the Algeria Girls series by Jonaxx which is this book, Ripped.

I’m only planning to stay up until 10pm but ended up staying ’til 12midnight lol. If it’s not because of the knowledge that tomorrow is Monday and it’s going to be busy at work, then I’m sure I would have ended like I did with Whipped; staying late until I finish it. But dang! That was really one of the hardest things I did,  but I guess my body cooperated because I wasn’t able to keep up (I just then realized that I was tired because of the binged reading). So right after almost 30 minutes of thinking about the story, sleep finally took over.

Just like the first book from this series, this story didn’t betray me at all. I’m not sure if I’ve read or watched movies with the same story line but this book is quite refreshing. I love the comeback Freya (first female character) said to Fourth (Leon is what mostly they call him, but he insists that Freya call her that, so I am just obliging haha lol) when they first met. Right at that moment, I know I’m going to like this story.  I’ve made some assumptions on how this story will go, but dang! It didn’t happen, haha, how many times Jonaxx will have to slap it to my face that her stories are unpredictable? I’ve read many stories from her so I should have known it by now eh? Well, I guess I’m just too hard headed to learn, haha lol.

As expected, I woke up late the next morning so I didn’t have time to take a bath, haha, I know, I smell awful now. But you know what’s the first thing that came to my mind? Haha, yeah, this story. So while logging in at work, I was busy checking out my phone, well, I am actually reading the wattpad edition of this story, and I’m not yet sure if it’s been published now. My phone still has 50% battery life so I decided that I could multi-task, haha, reading while working. For normal circumstances, I could have had a terrible headache eh? (because actually, multitasking sometimes makes my head hurt, though I could do it when needed but not all the time. Multi-tasking all the time will make you crazy lol) but this story is worth it. Honestly, it’s making my morning lively, imagine that! I’m not a morning person so it just means this story is really that great.

As I’ve said above, this story has this refreshing story line. I really thought at first that it’s going to be a love-hate romance but it’s not! I could have been disappointed eh? (I’m a big fan of love-hate romance stories) But how could I hate a story as good as this one?! It’s really unpredictable and ALL the scenes in this story are new, haven’t read those from other books, but it’s just frustrating because the third party b*tch thingy is present here!!!! Grrr!!! So much for my happy day eh? Haha, right after that one was introduced, I became agitated and frustrated. I was so involved with the story that I am feeling what Freya is feeling. I felt betrayed, determined, lost hope, heart-broken, felt loved, felt pretty, but also fell in love hard with Fourth. Haha, but I also felt a little attached to Steven too. Thinking about him really breaks my heart, but atleast I have a hint that he’ll be ok soon, thanks to Kellie. 

This story also has some interesting lovestories from other characters too, which I’m sure will be in the next book in this series or from her other series. That’s great right? Also, in this story, there’s some characters from book 1 that were present here, special mention Ayana (remember the girl that is friends with Joaquin? The basketball stud who also likes Entice?) which actually turned out to be a b*tch and a betrayer, grrr, my blood is boiling! As you may have predicted, I am frustrated with the conflict, I didn’t like it at all. And because I didn’t like it, it just proves how this story is so convincing (hoooowhat? Haha). The plot, the scenes, the lines, all of them were properly executed so it’ll make you feel what I am feeling right now. I really wanted to give this story a 4-star rating because of the conflict, but dang! Fourth just made me give this story a 5-star instead. I really love the epilogue, the part where Fourth finally has his own POV, just like the first book eh? It’s just 1 chapter but I can’t really figure out how Jonaxx was able to put all Fourth’s feelings in it. I don’t feel like I’m missing something out, I feel content. Like as if those 1 chapter is not 1 chapter but 1 whole story. I have so many favorite scenes from this story, but the epilogue was my most favorite of all. Not because of the SPG scene (haha, which you’ll expect from other chapters too) but because the way I feel when I get to know what Fourth was thinking about those scenes with Freya. It’s so great to know what are the things that he did just to have the girl and that made me fall in love with him more. (Though I have to say that I almost lost my love for him because of what happened after the conflict) It was really so emotional that I could have cried if my mom is not here. And also, did I tell you how much it delighted me the way Fourth fought so hard for Freya to his family, especially to his mom? Dang! That’s just too much for just 1 book. That scene just exploded my heart with delight.

I don’t think I’ll have to add more about the characters, so all I’m gonna say is that all of them are so convincing. Period!

I have to cut this review short, for I’m afraid if I don’t that’ll be too hard for me not to read the third book in this series right at this moment. I’ll be reading that book ofcouse this week, but I need to control it for now, haha, I’ve been depriving myself of sleep for 3 straight days now, and I can’t afford to get sick *wink.

There’s really a lot of things that I want to say about this story, about how great it is, but 1 review post is not going to be enough, so after you read this story, please come back and let’s fangirl together eh? Hehe.

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Carole's Random Life
7 years ago

I love it when a book is good enough to make me want to lose sleep over. I am glad that you enjoyed this as much as you did. Great review!

7 years ago

Aww, thanks Carole 🙂

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