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Book Review – The Wizard In Wonderland by Ron Glick

The Wizard In Wonderland by Ron Glick | Blushing Geek

The Wizard in Wonderland by Ron Glick
Series: Oz-Wonderland, #1
First published on December 31, 2012 by CreateSpace
Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale Retelling
Pages: 190
Source: Book Review Request
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Dorothy Gale has been to some strange lands, but none as unexpected as 19th century Oxford, England. Yet this is exactly where Dorothy meets Alice Liddell, a young woman with her own fanciful stories of a place called Wonderland. Alice finds herself pulled into Oz to face a new Wicked Witch, while Dorothy must follow the Wizard into a Wonderland civil war. Unknown to either girl though, plots have arisen against both faery lands, and they must uncover the hidden history shared between these lands if they are ever to set things right again.

Written with a faithful eye to the original Baum and Carrol classics, The Wizard In Wonderland reveals the secrets of Oz and Wonderland in a story that brings together both classic heroines in a new epic adventure.


When the author, Ron Glick approached me on twitter asking if I would be interested in reviewing his book, I got curious, so I went directly to his website and browsed all his books. I am a great fan of greek and roman mythology or anything that has to do with gods and goddesses and I see that he also has that kind of book. But dang, I got curious about the fantasy books instead. 

The 2 popular girls, Dorothy and Alice, in one story! Exciting right? So tell me, who wouldn’t get that curious eh? So right there and then, I messaged the author and told him the book that I’ve picked. Sadly, it’s in a series, and I’m not really that patient to read such a long story. But I’m really curious so I gave this one a try. And as you can see above, I sure enjoyed it.

From the very beginning, I can’t help but salute the author for he uses very easy to grasp words. So those bookish out there who just like me, where English is not their native language, I assure you guys that you could read this story without any concern of being lost or in need of a dictionary.

I also like how he explained and introduced each character, which is really good in my case since I’m not really that familiar with the two stories, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

I really love the story. Love the idea of merging Oz with Wonderland, two different settings in one story. But to tell you honestly, there’s ofcourse a little “thing” in this story that I didn’t like. I don’t know, but in its few chapters, I found myself confused. Well, that didn’t last long ofcourse, for when I approached the last few chapters, all we’re at pace. But dang! I was pushed off a cliff, this is the reason why I don’t like reading series. Now, goodluck to me, for it will sure make me feel like a dog who can’t pee. I need to have a copy on the second book! (as in now!)

I think I don’t need to elaborate why I only lit the four stars above eh? But even if that’s the case, I am still highly recommending this to everyone.

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