Book Review - The Boy Who Sneak Into my Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley | Blushing Geek

Book Review – The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley | Blushing Geek

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary
First published on April 9, 2011 by Createspace
Pages: 242
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Liam James, boy next door and total douchebag, is my brother’s best friend. I can’t stand him. Well, that’s not strictly true, at night I see a side of him that no one else does. Every night Liam becomes my safe haven, my protector, the one to chase the demons of my abusive childhood away and hold all the broken pieces of me together.

He’s cocky, he’s arrogant, and he’s also some sort of playboy in training. With his ‘hit it and quit it’ mentality, he’s the last person you’d want to fall in love with. I only wish someone had told my heart that…


This one is probably different from Kirsty Moseley’s other books that I’ve read. Why is that? Simply because of its characters. What’s with them? Well, it’s because unlike Nothing Left to Lose and Enjoying the Chase, this one is somewhat about young love.

What I also find great in this story is that it isn’t just about a love story but also talks about family. Though it’s somewhat tragic how a father could do that to his children but I really adore how Jake (female lead big brother) protects and takes good care of Amber (female lead). And I’m even envious. I wish I had a big brother like him!

The words used were very reader friendly. The plot is incredible and I must say that it’s a refresher for me. All scenes were also finely executed. There were also some numerous funny scenes in the story, the one that I can’t really forget was the meeting the parents part. It’s really funny! And also, I love how Jake hit Liam (male lead) in the back of his head whenever he makes a move to his sister. Hahahaha.

I really like the story, but there were some few things in it that I didn’t find amusing. Like the over exaggerated descriptions of the characters. (Oh well, I guess it’s a natural thing in fiction romance books, but come on! There’s no such thing as perfect!) And also, a scene where the heroine will do something stupid (yeah, I know that’s also natural in fiction stories, but it’s still annoying, duh!) And lastly, the boy-girl official relationship is just too soon. (Yeah, I know it’s just a short story so obviously all things happen so fast, but come on, a little thrill between them before they end up together wouldn’t hurt right?)

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7 years ago

I’m pretty sure I bought this when it first came out and then never read it. It sounds like I need to find it and remedy that. 😉 Wonderful review!

7 years ago
Reply to  kindlemom1

Oh my! Really?! Can’t wait to read what you can say about this story soon 🙂

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