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  • Anime Review – Fruits Basket Season 2
    I donโ€™t always give high ratings on season 2 and onwards (most especially on season 2) especially if I really enjoyed the first season. Itโ€™s mostly because the hype has gone down and obviously my excitement level will go down as well. But Fruits Basket is definitely one of those few anime series that kept me engrossed till the end.
  • Manhwa Review – Room to Room by Lee Aru
    Room to Roomย byย Lee AruPublished by Tappytoon ComicsGenre: YaoiAdd onย GoodreadsRead it on TappytoonRating:ย 4 out of 5 stars Despite having a secret crush on Chamin, Dowan lets him move into his spare room, and the two become housemates. Until one night, Chamin comes into Dowan’s room and wantsโ€ฆ to have sex? The problem is, Chamin doesn’t remember a thing each morning after.…
  • Manhwa Review – My Purrfect Boss by Cuke Soap
    My Purrfect Bossย byย Cuke SoapPublished by LezhinGenre: YaoiAdd onย GoodreadsRead it on LezhinRating:ย 3.5 out of 5 stars Sunwoo is thrilled to be starting his new job! Full of energy and enthusiasm, heโ€™s eager to please Manager Kang. The problem is, he keeps making dumb mistakes and getting in trouble. Things come to a head one night after work when he pours soju…
  • Anime Review – Fruits Basket Season 1
    I remember how I had a lot of tears watching the first Fruits Basket anime that was aired last 2001. So when I found out that thereโ€™s a new anime reboot for Fruits Basket, I knew I had to watch it. But unfortunately, I lost track and only watched it last year, hahaha.

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