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  • Hong Kong Travel Guide (With Itinerary & Expenses)
    Hi everyone! I finally created this travel guide after such a long time, lol. These guides and recommendations are based on our previous experience traveling in Hong Kong last March 2024. If there’s any important updates that weren’t added in my post below or if you have any tips, please don’t hesitate to drop them in our comments section below to also help our fellow travelers to enjoy their trip. Thank you!
  • My Hong Kong Travel Experience
    Another late post, lol. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably know that we traveled to Hong Kong last month. And this time, with my girls, *wink. I always get lazy after my travels, so I am only able to post about it today, lol. But fear not, I have a lot to share, *wink.
  • Manhwa Review – The Villainess Turns the Hourglass
    I remember reading this manhwa before but I think I may not have followed-up on the side stories since it was still ongoing at that time. But even if it’s a reread, The Villainess Turns the Hourglass is still as great as the first time I read it <3 It was really so good!
  • Manhwa Review – Unromantic Romance
    This manhwa is also omegaverse but with a twist. Unlike the usual omegaverse stories, this one has superior Omegas instead of the Alphas. How cool is that?! Surprisingly, this one is not colored except for the side stories just like Love is an Illusion and BJ Alex. I really enjoyed those manhwas, so I was really expecting a lot for this one as well. And as you can see, it sure didn’t disappoint!
  • My Philipine Immigration (IO) Experience As a First Time Traveler
    I had my first international trip last year with my mom. It was also her first international trip, so imagine how nervous but extremely excited we were, lol. I still remember how I searched like crazy for that trip to be a success because it was during that time that we’ve been seeing lots of offload horror stories online. Yikes!
  • My Kuala Lumpur Travel Experience
    My 2023 was a pretty lazy year for me, so it took me quite a while to finally write about my Kuala Lumpur travel experience, hehehe. Considering the many travel mistakes we made for that trip, I still think that it was a big success.

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