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Manhwa Review – There Must Be Happy Endings

There Must Be Happy Endings | Blushing Geek

There Must Be Happy Endings by Jaerim, Bulsa, Flada
Genre: Modern, Romance
112 Chapters (includes 3 chapters side stories)

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The day Yeonu’s contract marriage came to an end was also the day that she witnessed her soon-to-be ex-husband, Seonjae, die right in front of her eyes. But when a twist of fate has her travel 100 days back in time before the tragic accident, she decides to do everything she can to stop the accident from happening. With a second chance to make things right, Yeonu is determined to make sure that, this time around, they get their happy ending.


There Must Be Happy Endings was a very surprising read for me. I’ve read some really good modern romance recently,  but I still can’t like this genre wholeheartedly. That’s why when I started this manhwa, I was pretty skeptical. But my oh my, I never thought I would find another modern romance manhwa that I will like.

There Must Be Happy Endings is the story of two individuals that decided to end their contract marriage. They thought that it was the end, but little did they know that it’s just the start of their story that will forever change their lives.

I really like this manhwa’s plot. I love how the creator made this somewhat cliche plot into a really surprising one. I am not new to regression, most especially contractual relationships, but my! I love how the creator added some unexpected twist to this story. Looking back now, I think I have to give the creator a really big applause since they were able to weave all those cliches into an orderly and neat pacing which makes it easy for us readers to follow the story considering there’s a lot to take in.

As for the romance, I’m not a big fan of how it started. I know it’s normal since it was a contractual relationship but as a hopeless romantic person,I can’t accept it hahaha. It’s just crazy how nothing happened for the first two years they were together. But oh well, atleast they finally work it out after the disaster that happened in the first timeline. Ofcourse there’s some misunderstandings along the way which was really annoying. Well, in all fairness, they were both annoying, hahaha. But it’s a good thing that I decided to continue reading because the later chapters were really good. It was a very rough path, but it was all worth it because they now have the happy ending they deserve.

For the characters, I’m not a big fan of the main leads. They were both annoying, which made their relationship hard to progress at first. It was really hard to read those parts, but I’m glad that there’s some character growth in the end. As for the side characters, there were some really good ones that really helped the relationship between the main leads. Special mention to goldie. You’re the best man! Aside from that, there were also some nasty people. Well, one person in general. The FL really suffered a lot, so it’s great to see that we got to see those evil characters pay for their sins. Also, the connection of how the villain became one came to me as a surprise. What a twist indeed!

As for the art, I really love it. I love the character design, and it’s great that it was consistent until the end. Definitely a big thumbs up for me!

There were also side stories with babies, so I am even more happy! Oh, I almost forgot, aside from the romance, I also love that this manhwa also shows family love. My, I can’t even count how many times I almost cried while reading this manhwa.

If you are looking for a modern manhwa with a twist, I recommend There Must Be Happy Endings. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy it!

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