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Manhwa Review – Unromantic Romance

Unromantic Romance Manhwa - Blushing Geek

Unromantic Romance by Jeong Seokchan
Genre: Yaoi, Romance
54 Chapters, 7 Side Stories

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In a world where Omegas rule supreme, it’s tough being an Alpha. But Hyeon-oh’s been able to lead a decent, if a little boring, life so far and it seems like things’ll stay that way. He’ll graduate from university, get a job as a reporter, meet an Omega who’ll take care of him, start a family with them and live happily ever after. The perfect romance. The kind of romance that starts when you ask the bartender to make a drink for the only other person in the bar. Little does Hyeon-oh know how that innocent gesture will pull him headfirst into the most unromantic of situations…


It’s been quite a while since I’ve read yaoi, so I was pretty excited to read this manhwa. Unromantic Romance also has great reviews, so I said, why not?!

This manhwa is also omegaverse but with a twist. Unlike the usual omegaverse stories, this one has superior Omegas instead of the Alphas. How cool is that?! Surprisingly, this one is not colored except for the side stories just like Love is an Illusion and BJ Alex. I really enjoyed those manhwas, so I was really expecting a lot for this one as well. And as you can see, it sure didn’t disappoint!

The romance is good, plus I love the fact that there’s no annoying drama considering that the omega is a chaebol. There was this annoying grandma and annoying another alpha, but luckily both the leads fought hard for their relationship to work. That really speaks a lot especially for the omega since that was unexpected.

You see, the omega lead was introduced as this cold chaebol while the alpha is a sunny and a bit naive character. He was also quite pure, especially on his view of romance. Looking at it now, I think that makes this pair quite irresistible to read. It’s really nice seeing how their story progresses. I guess it’s safe to say that I am one of those readers that are happily rooting for them <3

As for the characters, not one of my favorite pairs, but there’s just something about these two that you can’t help but like.

I also love the addition of family love too. It wasn’t the main focus, but you can see and appreciate the love of their parents for each other. So touching! I also love that there’s a cute cat and dog <3

The art looks great too. There’s some smut, but I guess it doesn’t look that lewd compared to the colored one. Not sure if this would be the same for others, but that’s just for me, hahaha. I also didn’t pay much attention to the cover when I started this story, so I thought the alpha was a blonde because of his sunny personality so I was surprised when it was not. Eitherway, he was still pretty cute especially when he’s acting one to get the attention of his omega, *wink. Also, the baby looks really cute too <3

Highly recommended!

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Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose
1 month ago

Yes, that is different to have the omega as the more dominant person. It’s been a while since I read yaoi. Glad you found a good one.

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