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My Best Reads of 2022

Hi fellow readers! My book updates for 2022 is the most disappointing ever with only 30 reads out of 50 targets, huhuhu. So this is going to be very short.

Note: Those stories with ** a review will be published soon. I also didn’t add ongoing manhwa recommendations here.

Tagalog Romance

  • The Sun’s Heartbeat (Costa Leona, #14) by Jonaxx (Read review)

Romance Manhwa

  • Light & Shadow written by Ryu Hyang, art by Hee Won (Read review)
  • A Villainess for the Tyrant written by Yu-iran, art by Jagae, adapted by Najeon (Read review)
  • Don’t Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister written by Andersenlove, art by Radol, Maybe (Read review)
  • The World Without My Sister Everyone Loved by Hamal, Na Yoo Hye, Night Witch**
  • Beware the Villainess! by Berry, Blue Canna, Soda Ice**
  • Harley Takes the House by Min Iyeong, Plutus**
  • The Emperor’s Partner by Assam, Lee Su Lim, Marron Pie

Romance Manhua

  • This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real! by Wan Xu He Nian (Read review)
  • The Glutton Next Door by Sanyuan studio

Yaoi Manhwa (BL)

  • The New Recruit written by Moscareto, illustrated by ZEC (Read review)
  • Love Me, Doctor by ANA
  • No Love Zone by Dambi
  • Heat and Run by Ssona Hong
  • Miss You, Lucifer by Moscareto, Dong Ok

Yaoi Manhua (BL)

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Sophia Rose
1 year ago

Fun seeing your Best of 2022 list, Vanessa!

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