Favorite Anime/Manga Characters


There are so many handsome and cute guys in anime/manga so that’s why it was so hard to choose the right guy for me, haha. So to make my list short, I decided to choose these guys not just base on their appearance but also on their attitudes and characteristics. If you’re wondering how I ended up falling in love with them, read the manga or watch the anime yourself *wink.


These are the list of characters that charmed me but didn’t able to make it to my list of boyfriends, char!

Cute Guys

List of cute characters that I can’t help but wish they were my younger brothers. Characters in this list are mostly kids.

Charming / Adorable (guys)

These are the list of characters that charmed me not because of their good looks but because of their kindness. They could be in my Crushes list but I don’t think it’ll explain why they got in the list, so I decided to just create a new category for this set of characters.

Pretty Boys

As what the title of the category says, this list is consists of characters that are so good looking they could pass up as a girl.

Badasses (guys)

A list of characters that is so cool you can’t help but meet them in person.

Badasses (girls)

These are list of female characters that are so badasses you want to name your child after them.

Cute Girls

List of characters that are so cute I can’t help but create a category for them. Most of these characters are kids.

Favorite Couples

Funny Characters/Couples/Pairs

Cute Pets

Cute pets/animals in anime/manga that is so kawaii I can’t help but get them out of the story and pinch them myself.

Unforgettable Characters

*All lists are in no particular order and will be updated from time to time.

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