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Anime Review - The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting | Blushing Geek

Anime Review – The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting. I remember seeing a short clip of this anime on my facebook feed last year, and I knew instantly that I would enjoy it. And I sure did! I’m not sure how it started, but I usually enjoy my slice of life anime and thankfully the record’s not been broken yet, *wink.

My Top Anime Watch of 2022 | Blushing Geek

My Top Anime Watch of 2022

Hey fellow geeks! As I’ve done each year, I’ve compiled here all my top anime that I watched last 2022. As I’ve said in my previous update, 2022 is the most silent for me so far. That said, the list below is going to be very short. But either way, I still hope you can find two or more shows that will become your favorite too.

Anime Movie Review - One Piece Film: Red | Blushing Geek

Anime Movie Review – One Piece Film: Red

One Piece Film: Red has quite a unique narrative in comparison to previous films in which it showcases the ability of a new character named Uta. And just like her name (Uta means song in Japanese), she is widely known for her “otherworldly” voice. Like literal “otherworldly”.