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2022 Wrap Up

Happy New Year everyone! I know I’m already late for my 2022 wrap-up, but my first few weeks for January have been pretty hectic. I hope you have a good start for 2023 🙂

My 2022 has been the most silent year for this blog so far 😢 I got super busy with my new work, that I wasn’t able to follow my 2022 plan for the blog. Another bad news was that I got so addicted to manhwa which strayed me away from books and anime for almost half a year! I also got suuuuuper lazy on updating the blog, and even posting on my social media accounts.I’ve got to say, my 2022 was a total disaster, lol.

So before starting my 2023 and making this year better than the last, please join me as I made a super quick look back to 2022 below.


  • Books – 0 😭
  • Manga – 0
  • Tagalog Romance – 1
  • Manhwa – 26
  • Manhua – 3

Total review posted in the blog – 7 😭

I actually didn’t just read 26 manhwas last year, but it was a lot! Only 26 we’re finished and the majority we’re all ongoing so I didn’t add them to the count. And 0 books and manga?! This is definitely the most disappointing update ever 😭 


  • Series – 10 (187 episodes)
  • Movies – 2

Still another disappointing update 😭


Only 1 destination was visited last year  😭 But I am already planning to remedy this this year. Wish me luck!


Except for a new job, my life has been pretty boring for 2022. All I did was work and read manhwa, it was crazy!

2023, here I come!

I actually don’t have any specific plan for the blog this year, it was mostly because it tends to never happen, lol. But I am sure that I will work harder to update this blog more than I did last year.

I also bought my very first go pro late last year, and I am thinking of posting some video content but I still don’t have any idea what to post, lol. So no positive feelings on this yet.

I’ll also probably post new contents in the blog, aside from reviews or travel, so hopefully it happens, lol.

And lastly, hopefully MORE travel this year, please! 🙏

I hope 2023 will be a prosperous year for us on whatever we decide to work on and that we keep giving it our best at all times.

Happy 2023 geeks!

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Sophia Rose
1 year ago

There are years like that when the focus and mood is elsewhere. No worries! Good idea to focus fresh and make new goals. Enjoy 2023, Vanessa!

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