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2021 Wrap Up – A Quick Look Back

Happy New Year! I am finally able to sit down and write this 2021 wrap up. Wohooo!

Looking back, I think my 2021 is pretty much like 2020. I think the only difference is that I was finally able to unwind a little and travel even though it was just within Cebu. If you have read this post, I’m sure you already had an idea how my holiday and start of the year went eh? But let’s talk about that later. What I want to know is how was your holiday? I hope you had fun!

Just like my previous wrap-up (before the hiatus), I will also be grouping them into categories so it will be easier to read (and for me to write, wahahaha). Please join me as I made a quick look back to my 2021 below.


I’ll start with this one since this is what I am most excited to share with you, *wink.

  • Books: 26
  • Manga: 15 (55 volumes overall)
  • Wattpad: 1
  • Manhua: 1
  • Manhwa: 28

Total reviews posted in the blog: 31

It’s clear who dominated the list eh? Hahahaha. I had a really stressful 2021 and one thing that kept me sane last year was yaoi, wahahaha. So imagine how excited I was when I discovered manhwa! I literally had a hard time stopping, really!


  • Series: 964
  • Movies: 8
  • Live action: 1

Total: 973

Looking at those numbers, I still can’t believe I’ve only watched half of what I did last 2020! I guess it was because a lot has happened to me personally last year, and I also experienced the longest slump I’ve had in my entire life! I’ll definitely avenge that this year though, wahahaha.


Covid cases eased around May of 2021 in Cebu, so I was finally able to unwind and travel with my girls and with my mom and sister. It wasn’t much, but it was really good to finally go out and see the beach and experience nature in person and not just see them in pictures.

I visited 6 places within Cebu last year. It wasn’t a lot, but atleast I was finally able to unwind and destress a little. My favorite visits would be at Aloguinsan and Oslob. I really hope to visit more places this year!


A lot of things happened last year. I don’t even know where I should start because my mind is in a jumble lol.

I’m back to blogging

After a year and a half, I finally came back to blogging. More info can be read here.

I was stressed out

I almost had a burnout. I was so stressed at work that reading books and watching anime wasn’t enough. Travelling also eases it a little, but I know I can’t continue living like that.

I discovered new favorites

While I enjoy reading books and watching anime, I was sooo stressed out that those weren’t enough anymore. I guess God pitied me and let me discover Obey me, and manhwa.

I quit

I sent my resignation around July and I had my last day at work a month after. It may have been a really tough decision to make since it’s hard to find a job while there’s still a pandemic, but it was definitely the right decision. You can read more here.

Back to freelancing

Still work from home, but working hours are flexible and NO UNBEARABLE STRESS for a change. Yay!

New laptop

After all the stress this year and last year had given me, I think I deserve a little treat for myself. So early November I decided to order a Macbook Air which arrived late November. And I can’t be more in love <3

Typhoon Odette

I already had a lot of plans for the holiday and new year, but it was all destroyed when a supertyphoon decided to visit us a week before Christmas. It was really awful that we didn’t have electricity and mobile signals for weeks! More info here.

2022 Here I Come!

I may not have had a nice start of the year, but I won’t let that ruin my whole year. Plans for the blog has been posted here in case you’re interested to know what to come next, *wink.

I hope 2022 will be a prosperous year for us on whatever we decide to work on and that we keep giving it our best at all times.

Happy 2022 geeks!

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2 years ago

I hope this year is better than the last 2.

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

You did have some rough spots in 2021, but yay for some good as well. Love that you got to get back to travel even if just around Cebu.

2 years ago

You really had some challenges to deal with in 2021! I hope that 2022 is a great year for you 🙂

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