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The Geek is Back!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to let you know that the Geek is finally back!!! Yatta!

When I posted on IG last 2019 about the closing of this blog (because of some personal matters), I honestly didn’t think at that time that I would be back. A year and a half later, and here I am!

My life during the break

It took me quite a while to really get used to not having to think anything about the blog but self-studying Japanese and (even) my stressful days at work helped me get through the day. Then before I knew it, days became weeks, months and then years.

I can’t say it was a great break, but having that free time helped me to atleast feel relaxed. I’m not saying running a blog was stressful but running it while working on a demanding 8-hour job WAS stressful so having to focus only on the job during the break gave me a breather and it helped me think.

But then 2020 happened and my stress level became unstable (again). What got me through that year was reading lots of books and manga, as well as watching anime. Man, that was a pretty tough year for everyone.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my life during the break hahaha, pretty boring I must say.

Why did I decide to come back?

I’ve already been thinking of going back to blogging late last year but it wasn’t until the last week of February this year that I finally did something to make it happen hahaha. And seeing that I am a master of procrastination, it took me this long to finally relaunch the blog.

Aside from the fact that I miss writing and interacting with my fellow bloggers, I guess the top reason why I finally decided to come back is because I miss sharing about the books/manga that I’ve read and some interesting anime that I watched. Man, I can’t even count anymore how many notes I’ve created for the 1 and a half year that I was on break. Ofcourse I’ve shared some on my social media accounts, but it felt really limiting because of the limit of characters you can have for each post so it kinda destroyed my mood.

That’s why I am very happy that I am finally back!

What to expect now that I am back

Hmm, I’m not actually sure to be honest hahaha. You see, this is another one of those moments that I do something without thinking further. Last 2019 was kind of frustrating because my mind was not on the right track and it made me feel horrible.

What I want this time is to truly enjoy blogging at my own pace without having to worry about numbers. Ganbatte!

I did add some few new things in the blog like accepting guest posting but everything else is just like it was before. I may add a few more in the future, but let’s see. Right now, my focus is to finish this welcome back post because I honestly had a hard time finishing it, hahaha.

But truly, I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY that I am now back to blogging and posting some silly post there and then hahaha. And speaking of posts, since I posted my top reads and anime watch of 2019 and 2020 on my social media account, just to keep a record, I will be posting them here in the blog as well in the coming days, so look out for it, *wink.

I think this is it. THE GEEK IS NOW OFFICIALLY BACK! I am hoping to meet some of my old blogging friends and meet new ones as well. This is really exciting!

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3 years ago

Welcome back, Vanessa! 🥳
No worries, there are times when breaks (even long ones) are much needed, the important thing is that you feel good now! And, yes, post at your own pace, that sure is helpful and something that I personally always suggest. So glad to see you around again! 🥰

3 years ago

Welcome back, Vanessa. Good to have you back.

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