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Book Review – Paint My Heart by Sonia Francesca

Paint My Heart by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

Paint My Heart by Sonia Francesca
Cape’s Corner Trilogy, #2
First Published 
2007 by Precious Corporation
Genre: ContemporaryNew Adult
128 pages
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Dani never did soften up to love. Nadala na kasi siyang umibig kaya ibinaling niya sa pagpipinta ang kanyang atensiyon. Kung mayroon mang nagtatangkang manligaw sa kanya ay dumadaan ang mga ito sa butas ng karayom.

Hanggang sa nakilala niya si Justy Ueki Tyler. The guy was sinfully gorgeous. She loved this slightly arrogant, slightly selfish, overly handsome and totally great guy. Pero biglang kumulo ang dugo niya rito nang marinig niyang laitin nito ang kanyang mga obra-maestra.

How dare this man! wala itong alam sa art kaya wala itong karapatang insultuhin siya. Kaya nga nang makilala niya ang kapatid nito na si Ginny – isa sa masususgid na tagahanga niya ang dalaga – at pinakiusapan siyang akitin ang workaholic monster na kuya nito, she did exactly what she was not supposed to do.


Aside from Jonaxx, Kelly Oram and MHClark, I’m also biased when it comes to Sonia Francesca. She’s my very first favorite author so all her works are so dear to me. And just like the first book of the Cape’s Corner Trilogy, Paint My Heart is not just a romantic read but a very fun one too.

Daniella or most commonly called Dani is an abstract painter. If you can still remember, she’s Vida and Jessica’s best friend based from the first book. While at the bookstore, she met this exuberant woman named Ginny and she happens to be her biggest fan. They became close to the point that Ginny is match-making her with her older brother, Justy. Dani and Justy’s relationship started as love and hate romance. They keep getting into each other’s skin right after Justy said something bad about her paintings. With all Ginny’s help, the two of them got the chance to know each other better and then eventually fell in love.

This is only a very short read so there’s not enough time to put everything through so the two main characters falling in love fast is understandable, besides, that’s how Tagalog Romance Novel always operates *wink. The scenes between the characters were so romantic that I can’t help but grin like crazy haha. But seriously, if you’re looking for a short story to keep you company while making you fall in love, then Paint My Heart is an excellent choice.

The overall concept of this story was fine by me, I also love that before they fell in love, we got to see them bantering haha. The conflict? I don’t know if there’s any, maybe it’s the part where the girl didn’t confess her feelings and stayed away from the guy? But it was nothing really, because Justy came in and told her everything. They are about to do something erotic when something funny happened lol haha, and that includes the firefighters and the whole people in their village haha.

For this story, I am giving it a 4 stars rating for now. I won’t deny that I loved the whole story, but it includes some corny lines and scenes that I can’t just set aside. But no worries, it didn’t destroy my reading experience and I’m sure yours too if you decide to read this one. I guess all the funny things Dani did and said was the reason why I enjoyed this story so much and didn’t mind much about the corny parts.

This is one of those stories that is really hard to picture since it most likely won’t happen in real life but I really enjoyed it. I do love a story that I could relate to and realistic, but when it comes to your favorite authors, I guess you can’t help but still love them (unless ofcourse it includes third party or some other annoying scenes) .

Paint my Heart is book 2 of the Cape’s Corner Trilogy but you can absolutely read it standalone.


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6 years ago

I’m gonna have to try her out!!

6 years ago
Reply to  LilyElement

I’m not sure if there’s an English version of this one, but if there is, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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