Manga Review – Rabu★Kon (Love*Com or Lovely Complex) by Aya Nakahara | Blushing Geek

Manga Review – Rabu★Kon (Love*Com or Lovely Complex) by Aya Nakahara

Rabu★Kon (Love*Com or Lovely Complex) by Aya Nakahara | Blushing Geek

Rabu★Kon (Love*Com or Lovely Complex) by Aya Nakahara
Published by Shueisha from September 2001 – December 2006
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
17 Volumes with 16 Chapters
Format: eBook
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (8/10)
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Risa and Ootani are in a similar predicament. Neither is dating anyone, they are both continually being laughed at as a comedy duo (courtesy of their loving sensei), and they both have height problems! Risa is taller than the average girl, and Ootani is shorter than the average guy!

Determined to be in a relationship, they both decide to cheer each other on in the war of love. However, along the way, Risa begins to develop feelings for Ootani… Are these feelings mutual? Can love win, no matter what the height?


I’ve been meaning to read Rabu★Kon or most commonly known as Lovely Complex after watching the anime one or was that two years ago? Oh well, I don’t remember the exact date but I can still clearly remember why I loved it. It was one of the funniest anime I’ve watched that time and I love the concept of the story. Imagine falling in love with a guy who is shorter than you. I haven’t read anything like this one before and most shojo anime don’t have this kind of idea too so it was really something new for me.

Lovely Complex revolved around a tall girl named Risa and a short guy named Ootani. Risa is taller than her age and Ootani shorter than his age. They don’t get along well and keep on bantering like little kids whenever they see each other, and with both having height problems, they were then dubbed as Hanjin Kyojin comedic duo at school.

Unlike book reviews, I always do my hardest not to drop some spoilers, but with manga, I wouldn’t mind. So read on your own risk *wink.

I always enjoys love and hate romance and Lovely Complex is definitely perfect for me. Risa and Ootani started their friendship (I’m not even sure if you can call that friendship as they keep fighting each other, lol) as enemies. I think that wouldn’t be a surprise as they both have height problems – Risa being tall than normal in her age and Ootani the shortest, thus making them like a clown at school. They keep on getting on each other’s nerves until Summer break came in. Risa and Ootani along with some of their close friends attends Summer class and that’s how the miracle happened. And when I said miracle, it’s the two of them getting along well. They become closer since they are in agreement, and guess on what? It’s about their love interest. Ofcourse they don’t have the same crushes, although that could have been fun, but they agreed on working together since both of them are friends of each other’s crushes. But something unexpected happened, haha, both of their crushes liked each other instead. And guess what? Their crushes ended up together thus leaving Ootani and Risa heartbroken. I would have expected both of them consoling each other eh? Sure they did but in an unromantic way which includes a lot of hitting and punching, haha. Really, it’s true. Risa, since she’s taller always treated like one of the guys and Ootani as a girl because of his height too. So it should be normal that the two of them understands each other aight? But I guess even with that knowledge, they still end up fighting and irritating each other as they are somewhat the same; both have the same favorite singer and both of them acts like a kid.

Lovely Complex is composed of 17 volumes with 68 chapters thus making it longer compared to your usual 400-600 words book, so to refrain from making a very long review in paragraph (I know how troublesome to read it), I decided to categorize my review on what I like and didn’t like in this story as well as introducing  some of the characters.

What I Liked:

  • I love the idea – a tall girl falling in love with a short guy. Not impossible to happen in real life but the idea is fresh as it’s uncommon to romance stories.
  • It’s setting is in High School and you know how I love YA.
  • Love and hate romance. It could get a little too much sometimes especially when they finally became a couple but it’s still very entertaining to read and the illustrations were so on point!
  • The facial expressions. Haha, I love how the creator drew the facial expressions especially one from Risa. It’s no different in anime too, the expressions were way too funny.
  • The kissing scenes. My! It was just wonderfully drawn and soooo romantic.
  • The “stair” kissing scene. My! That would have been funny, but dang!
  • I hate to admit it but Ootani is just so cute especially if he ties his hair. Sometimes he could look hot too, haha. My! I think I have a little crush on Ootani lol.
  • Ootani is not into mushy stuff let alone say something romantic to Risa, but whenever he does, it’s just way too sweet I can hardly bear it without combusting.
  • I love that even if Lovely Complex is originally about Risa and Ootani’s height differences, it also includes conflicts between other characters in this story which gave other characters to shine.
  • When I think about it again, most problems the main characters encountered we’re what we normally read in YA and any other shojo anime but I have to say that some of them make sense that even younger sweethearts can gain some lessons out of it.
  • Even if it includes some “slightly” annoying conflicts, I was happy that on the next day, Risa and Ootani both gave each other a chance to explain whenever there’s some misunderstanding.
  • And lots of good looking and supportive characters. Special mention, Nakao and Nobu-chan. My! This couple is the cutest, funniest, and supportive character every. And obviously, they’re added to my favorite list so is Ootani and Risa *wink.

What I Liked The Least

  • I really really hate the part of Ootani where he’s so stubborn and so unexpressive and refused to say some romantic lines to Risa. I understand that they started as a comedic duo so it would be a little weird but dang! Can’t he be a little considerate sometimes?!
  • Ootani’s very very very dense. I really pitied the part where Risa did her best to tell Ootani what she feels about him.
  • Ootani not being an ideal boyfriend to Risa. Ofcourse he can’t be a perfect boyfriend material but sometimes this guy can be so irritating, like forgetting her birthday (who’s boyfriend would even forget his girlfriend’s birthday?!), not believing in Risa and a lot more.
  • Both of them having third party problems. That setup is common in every romance story but I have to say that I was still entertained because of the illustrations lol.

Main Characters

  • Koizumi, Risa – I always adore her character. Aside from making me laugh my heart out every single moment, she’s really nice too. One example was when Ootani’s tall, beautiful neighbor tried to steal him away from Risa. If that was me, I will really cut her head off, but wow, the way Risa handled her was amazing. Another amazing thing about her is being caring, even if Ootani can be a bit irritating, she’s still trying her best to support him and take care of him.
  • Ootani, Atsushi – I love and hate his character at the same time. He could be cute yet dumb at the same time and it was irritating to read how he treats Risa. But when once in a while he drops some sweet lines to Risa, my heart goes gaga. I guess you could say I love him more than I hate him, haha sucker.

Favorite Characters

  • Ishihara, Nobuko and Nakao, Heikichi – These two are absolutely one of the cutest and funniest couples ever. I love how responsible Nobuko is and is very supportive to Risa especially when those times that Risa almost wants to give up Ootani. Nakao on the other hand is a very funny guy but I really adore his love for Nobuko. They’re just perfect for each other.
  • Tanaka, Chiharu and Suzuki, Ryouji – they used to be Risa and Ootani’s crushes and right now they’re one of their very good friends. They’re a very cute couple too. I don’t have anything bad to say about them as they’re always there to support RIsa and Ootani’s relationship.
  • Fukagawa, Haruka – Risa’s childhood friend and Ootani’s rival for Risa. He’s one good looking guy and sometimes I want to give Risa to him. He can be sweet and charming yet very stupid at the same time haha. He’s very funny too and sometimes I pitied him because he’s really doing his best to get Risa’s attention. But in the end, he respects Risa’s relationship with Ootani and that’s really good.
  • Kuniumi, Maitake – the hottest and coolest teacher assistant you could ever have. I thought at first that he’s going to be in a love triangle for Risa and Ootani’s relationship but it turned out that his participation made it possible for Risa and Ootani to make it official.
  • Yoshi – He wasn’t mentioned until on the extra part where we’ve got to see how Risa and Ootani really first met each other. But he’s one of the main reasons why the two of them got to meet each other in the first place and has a huge impact on both Risa and Ootani so I guess it’s just right to add him to this short list.

My plan was to make this a short review but still ended up making it a long one, haha. Oh well *wink.

Overall, I really enjoyed Lovely Complex. It was romantic and was very very very entertaining. If you like shojo then Lovely Complex is highly recommended. While at it, you may want to consider watching the anime too. Enjoy!


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6 years ago

This looks good!!

6 years ago
Reply to  LilyElement

Yeah it was, and it’s so funny too hehe

Melissa (Books and Things)

Aw this looks like fun. I have to say that I’m obsessed with Inuyasha (the show) but haven’t quite gotten the bug with other anime.

6 years ago

Oh my! I love Inuyasha as well. Lovely Complex is different with Inuyasha in terms of settings but if you love YA then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one too. You can start with the anime, it was really really funny 🙂

Mary Kirkland
6 years ago

That looks like it would be fun to read.

6 years ago
Reply to  Mary Kirkland

Yeah it is Mary. And my! The illustrations were so good too 🙂

6 years ago

Cute! I like a good hate to love romance.

For What It’s Worth

6 years ago
Reply to  Karen

Hehe, this one had that one big time 🙂

6 years ago

Great review! Passing this to my manga loving family 🙂

6 years ago

Yay. Thanks Kim, hope they’ll enjoy this one as well 🙂

Lily B
6 years ago

I’ve actually never read a manga, but I love the illustrations in some that I flipped through in stores before

6 years ago
Reply to  Lily B

Hehe, the illustrations as well as the anime was the reasons why I decided to read manga now 🙂

Lampshade Reader~Aleen

Hehe I love Manga. This one looks funny and cute. I’ve fallen for some anime guys so I totally understand. LOL

6 years ago

This one is really really funny, I swear hehe.
And about the anime guys, I actually have a lot in my list right now and I’m sure I’ll be adding a lot more in the future hehe.

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