Book Review - Send in my Prince Charming by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

Book Review – Send in My Prince Charming by Sonia Francesca

Send in My Prince Charming by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

Send in My Prince Charming by Sonia Francesca
Cape’s Corner Trilogy, #1
First Published 
2006 by Precious Corporation
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Tagalog Romance
128 pages
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Hindi namalayan ni Vida na habang tumatagal ay lalo palang nadaragdagan ang paghanga niya sa guwapong may-ari ng Cape’s Corner na si Vladimir. Hanggang sa matanto niyang mahal na pala niya ito.

May problema nga lang. Parang worlds apart ang mga personalidad nila. Seryoso ito, mababaw lang ang kaligayahan niya. Masyadong organized ito samantalang siya ay makalat. Mahilig ito sa mga makabuluhang pelikula, habang siya ay masaya na kay SpongeBob.

Pero mahal nga niya ito. Paano niya paglalapitin ang kanilang magkaibang mundo?


I was supposed to buy a gift for my god-daughter but I ended up at the bookshop. I am short in budget but since I’m already there, I decided to stay for a while and just browse for some new books. And my! The moment I saw Send in My Prince Charming, and all the books in the Cape Corner Trilogy, I can’t help but purchase all of them, together with a book from Coben Harlan haha. Going to the bookshop is never really good in my budget as well as hanging out in Amazon haha. But hey, it’s all worth it!

It’s been a long time since I’ve read something from Sonia Francesca so I was excited about this one. I don’t like it when it’s the girl who falls in love first much worse when she’s the one doing the action for getting the guy’s attention. 

Send in My Prince Charming started by introducing us to the main female lead, Vida. She’s already working but she loves cartoons especially Sponge Bob Square Pants. I’ve expected that because of the sypnosis but I never expected how crazily weird her character is. Well, to be honest, all of Sonia Francesca’s female leads are krung-krung, haha. Then she met this handsome businessman slash heartthrob, Vladimir. She’s not like some typical girls who ogles and will act cute just so they can get some guy’s attention. But the moment she met Vladimir and got to know more about him, that changed. She never wears sexy clothes or does something cute to get the guy’s attention so when she does all those things, it’s confirmed that she’s in love. As I’ve said above, she’s the first one who fell in love and she’s the first one who made a move.

Ofcourse we are in a modern era, but I still don’t like it when it’s the girl who do everything to get the guy. With Tagalog Romance Novel, I’m used to the guy doing everything to get the girl and with Vida’s outgoing, crazy and funny character, I never really have guessed that she will do all those things to get his attention.

You see, Vladimir likes Dani, which is her friend. But Dani assured her that she only likes him as a friend. Ofcourse that sucks eh? Aside from all his fangirls, I guess that’s also what triggered her action as well as what her other friend Jessica said to her lol.

Send in My Prince Charming is the first book of the Trilogy but it can be read standalone. It was originally published last 2006 but was republished this year, 2017 with an amazing new cover (I’m just sooo in love!). Cape corner is a newly opened coffee shop in their village and that’s where their love story started. I guess it’s in the trilogy because it’s the story between the three friends, Vida, Jessica and Dani. 

Vladimir on the other hand. Well, what can I do? I like Harry Potter and he looks like Harry Potter because of his glasses but a hotter version haha. I love how thoughtful he is to Vida and I guess it’s pretty obvious that he cares a lot for her. Well, he’s always where Vida is so I guess that’s a sign. But all that admiration crashes after what he did to Vida. That wasn’t cool man. And your excuse was really lame. Like so so lame.

Speaking of lame. The conflict was also really lame with a pretty lame excuse. Good thing the girl didn’t give up on him because I already did when he just said, can we be friends?! Like duh! You can’t kiss your friend! And it’s really obvious he also likes her. But well, the confrontation scene was funny yet very sweet at the same time so I guess he’s forgiven haha.

I was supposed to give this one a 3.5 star rating because of the conflict and because the girl is the one chasing the guy but Vida is just so funny and I love her character, so as the first book in the trilogy, let’s make it great by giving it a 4 star rating 😉

If you’re a hopeless romantic like me and loves Tagalog Romance to bits, this book from Sonia Francesca is definitely for you.


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A Belle's Tales
6 years ago

Love that this can be read as a stand-alone! So glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, those bookshops have a way of distracting us from what we’re supposed to be doing lol. Great review, Vanessa 🙂

6 years ago

Thanks 😉
And yes, that’s bookshops for us bookworms yet we can’t resist hehe

6 years ago

Is it a different couple for each book? Sounds cute and looks like a quick read.

For What It’s Worth

6 years ago
Reply to  Karen

Yeah it is. It’s a cute yet funny story at the same time Karen hehe

6 years ago

It sounds cute and fun and I love a good stand alone, but if the conflict is lame, I don’t know if I can overlook that. Thanks for sharing, Vanessa.

6 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

Hehe, yeah. Conflict can definitely make or break the story. It just so happens that I love the author and this story made me laugh my heart out a thousand times hehe

Melissa (Books and Things)

Oh this one sounds cute despite the lame parts. A good character can overcome that for me. 🙂

6 years ago

Yes, me too and also my love for the author hehe

Carole's Random Life
6 years ago

This one is new to me. I am so glad you enjoyed it! Sounds really cute 🙂

6 years ago

Yeah, it is quite cute. Thanks Carole 🙂

6 years ago

Yeah it is Carole. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Nadene@Ttly addicted 2 reading

I never heard of this one before. Sounds like you had fun with it.

6 years ago

Yeah I did. Thanks to the funny heroine hehe

6 years ago

Hehe, yeah I had. Thanks for dropping by Nadene 🙂

Lampshade Reader~Aleen

You’re reviews make me smile. Krung-krung? LOL I’m not sure about crazy heroines, but it sounds like fun. 🙂

6 years ago

Awww. Thank you.
Krung-krung is a slang for crazy but in a good way here in the Philippines. I always likes crazy heroines haha, they’re funny most of the times 😉

6 years ago

Hehe thanks Aleen 😉
I’m half crazy so I guess that’s the reason why I love crazy heroine hehe

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