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The Ultimate Wrap Up of 2018

Hello everyone! This post has been long overdue and I’m really sorry about that, *sad. I was also MIA for a month and that was really unintentional. Dang! The second half of my 2018 has been so hectic and all I could picture out is myself so exhausted that all I could do after a long day of work is sleep.

But let’s forget about that and let’s talk about your holiday. Did you guys had fun? If you ask me, I sure enjoyed mine. Dang! Can’t believe it’s already 2019. Time do flies so fast eh? But before we go on and conquer 2019, please join me as I officially wrap up my 2018.


  • English: 29
  • Tagalog: 2 (but it was written in English by a Filipino writer)
  • Wattpad: 2
  • Manga: 5 (68 volumes)
  • Manhua: 1
  • Book review request: 8
  • Book drop: 1
  • Total books read: 100
  • Total reviews posted in the blog: 33



  • Series:73
  • Movies:24
  • Dropped: 4
  • On-hold: 2
  • Total: 2,302 (includes OVA and specials)


I haven’t travelled as much as I can last 2018, hopefully I could change that this 2019.

  • Destinations: 2
  • Travel posts: 10
  • Food posts: 0

Favorite Travel Destinations:

Events Attended:

  • February 24: Otakufest
  • April 28: Bon Odori (Japanese Summer Festival) 2018
  • May 26: Mynimo Happy Jobs Fair 2018
  • October 3: Getting to know AWS Services


  • Books: 37
  • Travel: 10
  • Blogging: 0
  • Hacks / How-to: 1
  • Anime: 16
  • Manga: 3
  • Geeky Discussions: 4
  • Total: 70

And that’s it everyone. I’ll be posting separate articles for my book recommendations as well as anime, so let’s compare list eh, *wink.

My 2018 hasn’t been that great if you only check out all those digits above, but it was still a fulfilling year for me as I’ve got to experience a lot of things. Hopefully 2019 would be a blast as well, not just for me, but also for you guys. Thanks everyone for being a part of my 2018 and for making it more rewarding! Hurray for the new year!

The Ultimate Wrap Up of 2018 | Blushing Geek

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