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What’s Your Weird Reading Habits?

What’s your weird reading habits? Do you have one?

Everyone has their own weird side, especially when it comes to our hobbies, which is (obviously) reading books.  Don’t you agree? I love weird, so for this week’s geeky discussion, I would like to tap into that weirdness and let’s make the whole world know, *wink.

What’s My Weird Reading Habits?

My list for now isn’t that long, but if I happen to notice some new habits that I think are weird or unusual, I’ll sure to update my list, *wink:

  • Keeping notes. When I read a story (or even watch anime) I always keep a note with me. It doesn’t have to be a physical notebook, it could be a notepad app, because I ALWAYS have something to write. It’s crazy because I don’t even look at them when I am writing my review, lol.
  • Not reading the sypnosis. I’m sure others do this too when they are about to read a book. I don’t mind spoilers when it comes to movies or anime (actually, I love hearing spoilers when it’s one of my favorite shows, haha) but when it comes to books, it matters big time! I want to read a story that will really surprise me so whenever I am about to start a story, I always make sure not to glimpse the sypnosis.
  • Keeping the book with me at all times even after finishing the story. Whether I like the story or not, I always clutch the book with me until I write its review. I don’t know when it started, but I always feel that I am unable to write a review if I am not clutching the book. Haha, I know it sounds crazy.
  • Bookmarks. I know bookmark’s very important to us readers so I don’t know why I am not keeping one lol. So yes, whenever I read a book, instead of using a bookmark to mark the page, I just memorize the page number. I dare not use any makeshift bookmarks or even fold the page. I’m so overprotective of my books that even my mom’s complaining because I’m so strict when she’s borrowing my books, haha. 

So that’s mine guys. Anything you want to share? It doesn’t really have to be super weird, you can share anything you think is unusual. Who knows? Someone might share the same habit too eh?

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