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Book Review – A Beautiful Kind of Love by Ellie Wade

A Beautiful Kind of Love (Choices Series Book 1) by Ellie Wade | Blushing Geek

Series: Choices, #1
 New AdultContemporaryRomance
Pages: 342
Published: April 11, 2015 by CreateSpace
Format: Kindle
Source: Freebie
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Every choice has a consequence.

I believe in soul mates. Why? Because I have one and his name is Jax Porter.

I have known Jax my whole life and I have loved him with every breath I’ve ever taken. The fact that we were born a mere month apart to mothers that are best friends has made us inseparable since birth.

What we have is so rare, one would think our story would be written, our fate sealed. But, unfortunately that’s not how life works. Life offers us many choices that can turn destiny into chance.

I now find myself heading toward a destination that I could have never imagined and I have to figure out where to go from here.

Will the choices that have been made change our path forever or will fate find its way?


A Beautiful Kind of Love by Ellie Wade is undeniably a great read, the raging 2,017 ratings in Goodreads sure is the evidence.

Just like most of the stories I’ve read for the past few days, this book has been sitting idly in my Kindle for quite a while now. I am planning to do general cleaning in my Kindle before I decided to start buying new books (Haha, I tend to really just buy books but ends up being stuck in my Kindle and bookshelf for a very long time). And I want to start the new year right, in terms of my TBR btw haha.

This was actually my first time reading from Ellie Wade so I was kind of hoping that it’ll be a great first time experience, and tadah, it sure is! The story started really just fine, the way it was written was amazing. It’s just simple yet it easily caught my full attention.

I always love bestfriends turned lovers stories and this one is definitely is! Lily and Jax’s love story started as bestfriends and became lovers when they kissed the night after their prom. All was doing great really, the transition of their relationship was perfectly executed. But it was only 40% of the book and they are doing great with their relationship, and I dreaded what will happen next. And dang! I was right. It was sooooooo infuriating the moment Jax ended his relationship with Lily. I kind of understand where he is coming from, but it’s just aweful. The timing was so cruel and his explanation was quite blurry. I was really on the verge of throwing this story, but then I realized I’m reading it through my Kindle, haha, so I just simply shout my frustration and get on with this story.

I really don’t want this review to be a spoiler, but it’s just hard not to, so I really apologize in advance guys.

A bestfriend turned lovers can be quite cliche, but I really applause the author for making this story far from one. This story isn’t just about romance but it also contains lessons about making choices, which is actually obvious because of the title of this series eh? It all started when Jax decided to end their relationship. It was quite understandable because he’s been too stressed with his studies, football plus his father’s super high expectations. But after that, all of the choices they made just sucks. I know with every decision you’ve made, there’s some consequences, but I just can’t believe (like heck!) how all of those bad decisions keep on happening!!!!!!!

I have to say that when Jax ended it with Lily, I was so willing to pay anything just so the ending would be Lily getting married for another man. Haha, I could be so cruel and mean sometimes ya know. It quite sure happened and I can’t contain my evil laugh with Jax’s reaction about that. He just let go of Lily and he’ll be that devastated when he finds out that she finally moved on?! What da?! Now, who says it’s just women who are hard to understand eh?

Jax’s been saying that she is the love of his life and after six months he’s engaged?! Like what the f?! Speaking of bad decision right? This story is really sooooooo sooooo frustrating, like I wanna cry because of it. Really!!!

The ending was ok, but I still wanna kick Jax’s ass! That j*rk!

Sorry for the quite unorganized review up there guys, it’s just really so hard to contain my thoughts because of what I am feeling right now, thanks ofcourse to Jax. Yeah dude, you’ve just signed your own death certificate.

So, if you want your blood pressure spike high, if you want a story that will bring out emotions in you, if you’re an angst junkie, then do read this book and you’ll absolutely won’t regret it. I’m not being mean, it really is true guys. Haha. Eventhough I didn’t like the ending, I have to base my rating with how this one was written and not just because of what I felt while reading it.

I guess it’s obvious why I am giving this story a 4 star rating eh? Well, if not, then it’s because I’m mean haha. Read this story and find it out yourself.

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Carole's Random Life
7 years ago

I will never get control of my TBR! I love a good friends to lovers story and this one sounds quite enjoyable. I am so glad that you enjoyed it! Great review!

7 years ago

Thanks Carole, though I have to warn you in advance that this story will make you wanna throw your book away because of the twist tho lol

7 years ago

I enjoy best friends turned lover stories as well 😀

7 years ago
Reply to  LilyElement

Then I’m sure you’ll absolutely love this one 🙂

Michele @ A Belle's Tales

I’ve never heard of this book, but I do enjoy a good angsty read every once in a while so I’ll have to keep this in mind — even if it did frustrate you greatly! lol Looking forward to your thoughts on the second book! Thanks for sharing the great review 🙂

7 years ago

Yay! Can’t wait for you to read it 🙂
I’ve read some frustrating reviews of the second book from goodreads and I don’t want to compromise the life of my kindle, so I’ll pass hihi

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