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Manhua Review – 10 Years That I Loved You the Most by Wu Yi Ning Si

10 Years I've Loved You The Most by Wu Yi Ning Si | Blushing Geek

10 Years I’ve Loved You The Most by Wu Yi Ning Si
on July 2, 2019 by Webcomics
Shounen ai, Drama
71 chapters + 1 extra
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I’ve loved you the most for most of my life. Now I am a piece of crumpled paper in the corner you would never glimpse. I thought you would be my today and all of my tomorrows. I imagined that someday you would turn around again and stare at me with all your love. However, when our love is gone, I’ll just pick a sunny afternoon with gentle wind, put on my coat and leave for good…


Caution: I don’t think I can stop myself not dropping some spoilers below so read at your own risk.

I had the urge to read something really sad, and this book has been in my to-read list after it was recommended on a yaoi group that I belong to on facebook.

The art style looks really beautiful and reminds me so much of watercolor art that I really adore when I was a kid, and even until now, *wink. And personally, I think the art style suits this story so well. It’s giving it a more dramatic touch to it, so I can understand the large number of readers crying their hearts out reading this story.

The author got straight to the point and had us crying a river just reading the first chapter. But in my case, I didn’t cry, instead I was beyond angry. In its first chapter, we’ve got to see Jiang Wenxu cheating on his long time partner, Zhishu He.

Zhishu He

It’s just a very short story so I can’t really say if I love his character, but I really really feel sorry for the guy. He sacrificed a lot for Jiang but he treated him like sh*t. He knows that he’s cheating, but he loves the guy for such a long time so I guess I can understand a little why he can’t seem to break up with him. He endured a lot and he definitely doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.

If you ask me, Jiang should have been the one getting sick and not him.

Jiang Wenxu

I really really really hate this guy. I just don’t understand how he could cheat when he says he loves Zhishu. Like dude, is there any logic to that statement? He did have a change of heart, but it’s just too late.

Dr. Ai

Dr. Ai is Zhishu’s doctor and he’s the exact opposite of Jiang. He’s so caring to Zhishu and was there for him till the end. I just like how he loves Zhishu without expecting anything in return. Seriously, this guy deserves an award!

10 Years That I Loved You the Most is just a short read but it’s enough to make you cry a river. The emotion is just so raw that you can’t help but get affected. I am rooting for Zhishu’s happiness so I was really happy when he finally called it quits and left. I just recently read a really annoying love triangle but it was different this time. I think it’s because there’s illness and cheating involved? Whatever the case, I’m sure most of you will find yourself rooting for the other guy.

Just like most cliches, once Jiang found out about Zhishu’s illness, he had a change of heart. I’ll give the guy credit, he did try to change even before finding out that Zhishu is seriously ill, but one night of booze destroyed that. He did try to end it for real but some things happened which resulted in Zhishu to finally leave everything behind, HIM behind.

I guess for most readers, they find that ending satisfying. Sad yes, but definitely satisfying. I do too, but I just can’t help but wonder what would have happened if the guy Jiang cheated with didn’t get involved. What if Zhishu told Jiang about his illness? What if everything is different?

I usually hold my grudges for a long time, so I was really surprised that I feel bad for Jiang. He did his best to help Zhishu in his own way but despite all of that, I still think it wasn’t enough to be forgiven. But I also didn’t like the idea of Zhishu dying without the two of them talking. I know Jiang didn’t deserve the courtesy after all he did, but I just feel sad. I just can’t fathom the pain he must be feeling not to ask Zhishu for forgiveness in person. It was just sad. Like really really sad.

I always pride myself as someone who is strong when it comes to sad stories, but this one is different. I only cried a few times reading this one, but it haunts me. I wasn’t able to get a decent sleep because I keep thinking of this story, hahaha.

So if you’re up for a haunting sad story of love and regrets, then be my guest and brave this one out, *wink.

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2 years ago

Oh wow! This sounds like it was a very emotional read. Wonderful review!

🤍The Butterfly Reader 🖤 (Querying) (@sweet_cherry69)

This sounds sooooo good!

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