Wattpad Review - Training to Love by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Wattpad Review – Training To Love by Jonaxx

Training To Love by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Training to Love by Jonaxx
Series: Art of Seduction, #1
Genre: Tagalog Romance
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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Nakakabagot ang buhay. Lalo na pag papasok ka nang school, kakain, humiga sa pera, maligo sa puri, mamili ng babae, at matulog. Paulit-ulit lahat araw-araw. Lahat nalaro mo na, poker hanggang pag-ibig naipanalo mo na. Kung sana may pwedeng paglaruan. Yung unique. Yung nakakatuwa.

Nang dumating siya sa buhay ko, natuwa ako kasi pinaglaruan ko siya. Humingi siya ng pabor. Binigay ko. Nagpaturo siya. Tinuruan ko. Humingi siya ng masasandalan. Binigay ko. Kasi nakakatuwa siya! Pero habang tumatagal, bakit siya na yung natutuwa at ako na pinaglalaruan?

Hate. Lies. Temptations. Betrayal. Pain. Love. All in one. Training To Love.


Based on the stars above, this is absolutely one of my favorite stories in Wattpad. Yeah, you read it right. Wattpad again. Hahaha, did I ever tell you that I’m a wattpad freak? Hahaha. Back with the book, I first read this story on Wattpad and was happy to know that it was finally published. It was actually recommended from a friend of mine. We both have the same taste when it comes to tagalog romance novels, so I gave it a shot. And I’m glad I did. I first read “Why do you hate me?” by the same author and just found out that it was connected with this story. Well, it is actually recommended to read this book first before trying the latter. But no worries, for the latter is still understandable even when you haven’t read this book yet.

I can’t really recall how many times I smiled and fell in love with Troy (main male character) over and over again. It was a well written story. I don’t even think there’s something I can complain of. This is absolutely not your typical cliché story. The story line was great and the plot is beautifully executed. No dull moments, only “kilig” moments. There are of course a lot of extra sweet lines in the story but I salute the author for not letting it sound too cheesy or too corny.

Any complaints or reactions about the main characters? Well, I don’t have any negative comments. All I can say is that, Trisha (main female character), haba ng hair mo te! (hehehe). And to the ever gorgeous and hot Troy, OMG! Will you be mine instead? Hehehe.

I found this story really different. Why different? For most tagalog romance novels that I’ve read have this tendency of making simple things complicated. I mean, the author didn’t make some petty issues to be more complicated so that the main characters would fight or the other one would get jealous. Sometimes those things always make me feel stupid for reading those stupid stories. In this book, all scenes were perfectly executed. The words and explanation and introduction of characters were very brief yet precise.

Two thumbs up for this wonderful story. I think I’m up for adding Jonaxx to my lists of favorite authors!

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