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Wattpad Review – Heartless by Jonaxx

Heartless by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Heartless by Jonaxx
Series: Elizalde Brothers, #1
Genre: Tagalog Romance
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Elevators. Airplanes. Palaman ng Sandwich. Yung feeling na papunta ka pa lang at excited ka pa lang sa pupuntahan mo. Yung feeling na palapit pa lang yung birthday mo. Yung feeling na palapit pa ang isa pang espesyal na araw. Yung feeling na ilang oras na lang ay pasko na. Yung feeling na tatlong araw na lang simula na ulit ng pasukan. Yung feeling na nasa gitna ka pa lang at di ka pa nakakarating. Yung feeling na malapit na pero hindi pa. Yun ang laging gusto ko. Yung nasa gitna pa lang. Yung nasa gitna ka ng dalawang bagay. Gitna ng isang building. Gitna ng langit at lupa. Gitna ng dalawang matatabang tinapay. Gitna ng byahe papuntang disneyland. Mas gusto ko yung feeling tuwing nagbabyahe kesa doon sa nakarating ka na. Mas gusto ko yung feeling na may inaantay ka kesa doon sa nandyan na.

I always like the things in between.

“You only like things in between, Coreen. You only like the chase… You only want me chasing after you. You don’t want to decide… Pero pakiusap naman, magdesisyon ka na, kasi tao rin naman ako, nasasaktan. And you? I don’t think nararamdaman mo yung sakit na nararamdaman ko… You are just too heartless.”


OhEmGee! I dunno how to start without sounding so smitten with this story, for obviously, I am hehehe. I’ve been busy for the past few days so it took me a week to grab my phone and read. I’m not yet in the mood for some English stories so I decided to open my wattpad app instead. I’m currently not into some corny and cheesy story so I decided to check on some stories from my favorite author Jonaxx, and viola! I stumbled to this story. And I am really glad I did.

I was just starting the story but oh men!, those super “kilig” scenes are already overwhelming, which sometimes lead to me covering my mouth to keep from shouting :D. This author never really fails to amaze me. The characters, the execution of lines and the scenes; all of them are just so perfect!

If it’s perfect, then why 4 stars eh? It’s because I hated the twist and turns of the story in the higher chapters. Hahaha, I know it’s a shallow reason. And the ending? Ow men, that’s one hell of an ending. Just forget the stars above and read the story ok 😉 And oh, before I forgot, there’s some slight spg in this story, so beware ok? Hehe.

I don’t know what to say anymore to convince you guys, but seriously, this story is really a must read. If you’re in love, not yet in love, and want to be in love, heartbroken, and whatever you are in, this book is perfect for you. Enjoy!

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