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February 2022 Reading List

Hello everyone, Happy Chinese New Year! As mentioned in my post here, I will now share with you my reading list for this February!

It’s not much since I think I will be pretty busy this February with work, but I’ll do my best to read more to compensate my lazy as* for what I did last January. Hahaha, I’ve been so engrossed with manhua that that’s what I have been reading since last January, lol.

Most of the books in my list were from new authors and a book from Stephen King, which I’ve been saying that I will read something from him for quite a long time now lol. So  finally it’s happening!

  1. Revival by Stephen King (Goodreads) (Amazon)
  2. As Time Goes By (Alvirah & Willy, #10) by Mary Higgins Clark (Goodreads) (Amazon)
  3. Free read
  4. Shadow Falling (Scorpius Syndrome, #2) by Rebecca Zanetti (Goodreads) (Amazon)
  5. Lovesick by TL Smith (Goodreads) (Amazon)
  6. Hearbreaker by Grahame Claire (Goodreads) (Amazon)
  7. Free read

As you can see, I’ve saved two slots for free reading just in case there will be some new books, manga or webtoons that will get my attention, *wink.

How about you, do you already have books in mind to read this February? Share on X

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🤍The Butterfly Reader 🖤 (Querying) (@sweet_cherry69)

Heart Breaker sounds good!!

claire @ clairefy
2 years ago

Happy lunar new year! You write that “it’s not much,” but I think that seven reads is an impressive plan! :))
claire @ clairefy

2 years ago

I really liked Revival and hope to read the Zanetti series very soon.

2 years ago

I love the Rebecca Zanetti series. I hope you enjoy your books.

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

Looks like a good variety stack. I’ve only read one of those, but loved it. Smart to leave two free spots for just in case. Enjoy your February reading, Vanessa!

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