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The Geek is Back + Life Updates

Konnichiwa minna-san! It’s been so long but I’m finally back in the blog! I really missed you guys. I hope all of you are having a blast on this National Doughnut Day! 

As you can remember, I dropped an unexpected message in both my Twitter and Facebook accounts about going on hiatus 16 days ago because of some personal matter that I badly needed to settle. Thinking about it, I still can’t believe I was able to pull it off….and that fast! 

So, what kept me busy?

This is going to be pretty long and boring, so gear up, *wink.

As you can remember, one of my personal goals for this year is to finally get the job that I love. I spent the last 5 months (well, it was roughly 3 months actually, haha) to review and get myself ready for it. I wasn’t planning on taking hiatus from blogging but I’ve been so distracted that I needed to have that break. It wasn’t easy, it was actually stressful and so awful. Imagine not reading a book for 2 weeks?!

But despite everything, I’m still so happy because all of my hard work paid off and now I have a new job! Yahoo! It wasn’t actually my dream job yet unfortunately, but something really interesting happened at the job fair that I attended last Saturday. While I was about to go out and call it a day I saw this particular company and they’re hiring. And guess what? It’s my dream job! So ofcourse, I approached their table and asked about the job but unfortunately, they are looking for someone with atleast 2 years experience in that field, *sad face. I was about to stand up but after they checked my resume, they told me that I am highly qualified for the other position they are offering. Well, it wasn’t actually something that I’m interested in but after they told me about the job description, I got curious but still disappointed ofcourse. Since I don’t have anything to lose, I decided to apply and they interviewed me thrice (HR, Team Leader, and the Manager).  When I got home and saw my face in the mirror, I was really close to punching myself. I can’t believe I was wearing that face during the interview! I looked dejected! Don’t get me wrong, the job was really interesting but I was so hopeful that I could finally get my dream job this year. So yes, I wasn’t really expecting a call from the company, but surprise2x, they really called me for some follow-up questions and then eventually offered me the job. Can you believe that?!

You see, I believe in fate. It was actually because of fate that I was brought in the field that I am in right now and it was also because of fate that I got my first job 4 years ago. I think this time, God is telling me that I’m still not done in this field and that there’s still something that I needed to learn before I’m ready to take on my dream job. I searched about the company online and so far, I am liking what I’m reading. It’s really giving me a good feeling about it so I decided to give it a chance and see what happens next.

What to expect in the blog now that I’m back?

Well, now that the work thing is settled, I’m finally free to resume self-studying Japanese. Yaas! I actually felt shameful because I was only planning on taking 3 months off from taking new lessons, but it took me 5 long months! But oh well, what’s done is done. So starting this June, I’ll finally continue studying and it felt really good. Aside from that, I also promised about doing video updates so yes, I am finally doing it. But I can’t promise it’s going to turn out great though, but let’s see, haha.

Also, since I am starting a new job this 25th, I am going to start it off by undergoing a month training in Manila. That said, I’m not sure if I will be able to post constantly in the blog, but I’ll try my best to schedule postings in advance though. And speaking of postings, I’m afraid I can only post utmost 2 posts (or maybe just 1) each week since unlike before, I am doing an office-based job now. But since it’s still the first day of June, I still have a lot of time to make up for it, right? *wink. 

And since I’ll be in Manila (new city to explore!) in 1 month and I’ve got weekends off, I am thinking of exploring the place. Exciting eh? So yes, expect some new travel posts next month. Can’t wait!

I think that’s it for now. Thank you guys for still being here and hopefully I could adjust easily on my new schedule soon. So now my next challenge is to make that video, haha, wish me luck, *wink.

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