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Why Do You Love to Read?


One thing I’m sure that we all have in common is our love for reading. Don’t you agree? *wink. It’s always amazing how each book makes us feel a different kind of emotion (and almost a lot of them at the same time), how each book transports us into a different kind of world, and how we’ve got to live a different (and most of the time interesting) life. So, for this week’s geeky discussion, I would like to ask you guys one question – Why Do You Love to Read? 

As for me, here’s my top reasons why I love to read:

  • It’s a great escape from everyday life! Reality can be a drag, and books never once failed me on escaping from the boringness of everyday life.
  • You’ve got to live and experience a different kind of life. It’s amazing how with each book, you’ve got to be a different person, experience a lot of things (especially those that don’t happen in real life) and get to meet different kinds of people.
  • In relation above, reading gives us a chance to meet new people and characters we can relate to. 
  • You can always learn something new by reading books.
  • Time is faster. There is nothing more satisfying like getting lost in a book to make time fly.
  • You get to fangirl and gets to have plenty of book boyfriends you can ever have without feeling bad about it, *wink.
  • It’s always fascinating to glimpse at another person’s perspectives. While reading doesn’t mean we’ve got to agree with different perspectives, it does offer us the opportunity to understand them.
  • It helps expand your vocabulary.
  • You’re never alone. Books provide a stable source of companionship during the times that you feel the only person you can count on is yourself.  
  • It brings life. Reading always makes us feel optimistically, breathlessly, tenaciously alive.

Books are a great escape and I’ll definitely won’t trade it with anything in this world.

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Geeky Discussions - Why Do You Love to Read? | Blushing Geek

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