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Book Review – Definition of Flawed by Lia Peele

Definition of Flawed by Lia Peele | Blushing Geek

Definition of Flawed by Lia Peele
Definition, #0.5
October 29, 2017 by Lia Peele Publishing
Genre: RomanceNew AdultContemporary
133 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Review Request
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Twenty-one-year-old Scarlett Trent always follows the rules, but when she meets a handsome maverick, the rules change.

Paul Jackson is rough around the edges, the epitome of sexy, and strong. He’s everything she wants and more, but her family is not so keen on their relationship. When he invites her to move in, apprehension gives way to excitement, but that’s short-lived when each new day reveals surprising information about the man she loves.

As his problems persist, Scarlett’s suspicions are raised, but they’re not the only thing preoccupying her. Paul’s son and his lingering feelings about the mother he’s never known have piqued her interest.

With so many new experiences and emotions to contend with, Scarlett’s relationship becomes strained. Every new revelation tears them further apart at the same time her friendship with his son grows closer.

Will Paul’s problems prove to be too much for her to bear or will her tender-hearted nature encourage her to stay by his side?


I noticed that I’ve been in a lot of reading funk early this year and so last night I’ve been trying to read some books that will help me out of it. So while jumping from one book to another, I came across this story. And seeing the cover, I guess I need some steamy romance to cure me.

It was really hard to get by the first chapter with all the lovey dovey going on (I blame this to my reading funk mood) but when I reached chapter 2, suddenly it all started to change. My attention was fully settled on this book and I’m starting to feel really excited. I hate unnecessary drama and it was good that the author refrained from doing that. Scarlett let Paul explain and they worked it out together without the crying, slapping and I-don’t-wanna-see-your-face-ever-again cliché scene.

The story was starting to get hotter after chapter 2 but surprisingly (?) I find myself skipping them. I guess sexy scenes aren’t one of my reading funk cures eh? Haha. But I guess everything was going on the right track. It was a bit weird or even corny at times but the flow of the story was fine with me. I thought this story was going to be just about steamy romance but this one is kind of different. Considering the number of pages, I have to say that there’s really a lot of things that happened in this book and it even made me feel thankful for my family (curious? hehe). Looking at the cover again, I never would have expected it to be like this and would end like that. It wasn’t the happily ever after that I was expecting but after all that happened, I guess that was the perfect ending for this one. Besides, it’s only a prequel for the Definition series so I guess that’s fine. What’s great news was that there’s no cliffhanger ending, *wink.

For the characters, I wasn’t really that impressed with Scarlett at first. I can see the appeal with having a relationship with older guys and all, but she kinda gave me a not-so pleasant first impression. But when she started to live with Paul (yep, sorry for the spoiler), I’ve got to say that I salute her patience dealing with all of those things. She’s just 21 after all but what she did was amazing. After what she endured, I have to say that I’m one of those that were cheering for her.

For Paul, I didn’t like him the first time he was introduced. I’m not against the big age gap but I am sensing something awfully bad about him. Even after what he’s been through, I can’t shake off those negative signals about this guy. And my! I can’t be pleased enough because I was right (sorry again from the spoiler). But after all that happened, I guess aside from hate, the other thing I could give him is my sympathy. He got conned! Curious?

I don’t want to drop another spoiler, but I can’t end this review without mentioning Dev. So to make it not a total spoiler, I’m not going to mention his relation to any of the characters (but I bet you already know, hehe). I was supposed to feel head over heels in love with Paul but I found myself admiring this kid. The longer I read this story the more I want to adopt him. Even after all he’s been through, he didn’t turn a rebel. I like that he used his intelligence and talents in good use and didn’t let his situation at home sway him from the right path. And then when I was almost at the end, I was feeling differently towards him. He’s a good kid in my eyes but then suddenly, he became sexy to me. Like urgh, I sound like a sugar momma lusting over a teenager lol. But seriously, I guess Dev was one of the best things about this book.

Plus, my twin radar suddenly went berserk. It even went more crazy when I found out what happened. Huhu!
This story wasn’t really that great but it wasn’t that bad either. This one sure gave me lots of life lessons as well as love lessons and I really like that. There were some corny parts but it was definitely a decent read. This one’s my first time from the author but I guess I am up for the next book. I’m curious if Dev will come back and sweep my feet away this time. I’ve read a story once where the heroine is way older than the hero and I absolutely loved it, so I guess reading another one and putting a hot successful Dev at it makes my ears clap in joy hehe. There, I dropped a hint *wink


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