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Book Review – Chained Melodies by Debrah Martin

Chained Melodies by Debrah Martin | Blushing Geek

Chained Melodies by Debrah Martin
First published on November 29th 2012
Genre: Romance, LGBT
Pages: 280
Source: Book Review Request
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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An extraordinary story of courage, self-belief and the true nature of love, when courage isn’t about facing death, it’s about facing life – and life isn’t always conventional…

“Chaos is about rejecting all that you have learnt, chaos is about being yourself.” Emile M. Cioran

If chaos theory applied to anyone, it’s Will and Tom. Best friends since childhood, life takes very different courses for them until they’re thrown back together in the middle of their own individual chaos. Surviving the terrors of war in Northern Ireland and the heartbreak of childlessness and a broken marriage, Tom learns that bravery isn’t about daring death, it’s about facing life. For Will, it’s about being yourself – or in his case, herself, as he starts an unusual journey towards being just that; the woman, Billie.

Chained Melodies is the extraordinary story of how two men find not just courage, but self-belief and the true nature of love.


Lately, I’ve been reading books about romance, thriller and science fiction, so when I stumbled on this book, I knew I’ve got to read it! And yeah, I just did. But unfortunately, I wasn’t really that impressed. I was really expecting that this book was going to let me shed a tear or two as early as its first chapter. 

This story started too dull for me, and also made me think that I am reading a diary instead of a book, which was partly true. This book talks mainly about two opposite lives; how they met and how they built a lasting relationship which is quite new and wasn’t fully accepted yet in our society. It was also a bit disturbing on my part because I haven’t read a book like this, so in that case, parental guidance is to be observed when reading this book (for underage readers).

I was really struggling on reading this book, which is why it took me this long to finish it. This is a kind of book that when I say, “one final chapter”, then obviously, I’m gonna stop and peacefully go to sleep. Not a kind of book that would leave me breathless and end up going to bed late just to finish it. But why the 4-stars above eh?

One great thing about this book is that it talked no nonsense. This book is so new to me that I don’t know how to deal with it. No wonder I find it boring at first eh? So yeah, this book has so many realizations especially to those who are having a hard time finding themselves. I don’t know how to explain it, but it really changed me. I’m not really a kind of person who judges someone because of his/her life choices, but this book made me understand their situation fully.

The ending, oh that ending is my most favorite part of this book. Oh my! I am even speechless and I don’t know what to say. I guess it’s up to you to find it out eh?

This book was properly written though I found some numerous terms that I need to check on my dictionary for its meaning. Also, unlike other books, this book only has few characters so they’re so easy to keep track of. 

Overall, I think this book is worth checking out.

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