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Manhwa Review – When the Villainess is in Love

When the Villainess is in Love | Blushing Geek

When the Villainess is in love by Seo Gwijo, DCBO, redgu and HJ
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
97 Chapters

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

When a young girl wakes up in the body of her favorite character, villainess Princess Libertia, the very first thing she decides to do is… fangirl her heart out! And why not? In a novel where all of her favorite characters are doomed to die, this is her chance to give them all a happy ending. But will the story play out as she expects when people start to see Princess Libertia in a new, forgiving light? One fangirl’s love might be what it takes to turn this villainess into a heroine!


Another villainess story eh? When the Villainess is in love is actually a pretty good read. I actually tried this one before but I’m not exactly sure why I wasn’t able to finish it. Considering that this time, I finished this in just one sitting!  That’s why I keep on asking why, lol.

As of lately, I am pretty interested in isekai and/or regression stories so it was no wonder this manhwa was able to catch my attention just by reading its first chapter. Being a fellow fangirl myself, I can’t help but focus my attention on the MC and imagine myself as her. My! Imagine not just meeting your favorite fiction character, but also living as them!

Looking at the title, I really thought this manhwa is going to be heavy on romance. But nope! It still has romance in it, but I feel that it was more about MC’s love for her favorite character. I love my romance, but I surprisingly enjoyed this one. MC can be pretty intense on making her favorite character live happily and that she’s willing to return her life and body to her and just vanish. Sometimes, romantic love isn’t just what makes a good story, but also this kind of selfless love too!

As for the characters, I don’t think there was even a short time that I hated the MC. She’s very likable and I love how positive she is. She also loves her favorite character so immensely that sometimes you think she is more important than her own life. Well, you could say that her favorite character’s happiness is also her happiness. The revelation halfway through the end really surprised me. Now that it was revealed, I appreciate her love for her favorite character even more. Uwaaaahhhh!

As for the ML, yep, there’s an ML, wahahaha. I mentioned that this manhwa isn’t more on the romantic love between the leads, but that doesn’t mean that the romance is not there. As a matter of fact, this manhwa is a harem, but I love how it wasn’t annoying. The ML and the guys are a riot! They’re so funny especially when they are all in the same frame, lol. Plus, they are all hot, weew. As for the ML, yep, there’s only one ML and I actually love their chemistry.

And speaking of chemistry, I love the transition of romance. This manhwa feels more heavy on the circumstances of the MC and on how she battles the real bad guy rather than the romance. So I really appreciate how the author slowly transitioned the romance between the leads. It didn’t feel forced, rather it felt natural. I love it!

Aside from the relationships between the characters, I love the action. I never thought this ones going to be a ropan (romance fantasy) plus twins! Sorry for that spoiler hahaha. I just can’t proceed with this review without mentioning that one because I just love reading their sibling love <3

The action and suspense at the end wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be considering the final boss looks very OP. But I think it was still ok since I’ve got to see how badass the MC was fighting the enemy, *wink.

After all the suspense and action, it’s finally the exchange of “I love you”… Uwaaah! It wasn’t as grand as most romance manhwa out there, but it was very moving. Uwaaah, I just love this pair <3

As for the art, it was pretty good!  Everything just looks so pretty and I think the character design suits all its characters. Another thing, it was also good seeing a brown-haired ML, since most ML has either a blonde, black or white hair.

Highly recommended!

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