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Manhwa Review – Room to Room by Lee Aru

Room to Room by Lee Aru | Blushing Geek

Room to Room by Lee Aru
Published by Tappytoon Comics
Genre: Yaoi, Romance
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Despite having a secret crush on Chamin, Dowan lets him move into his spare room, and the two become housemates. Until one night, Chamin comes into Dowan’s room and wants… to have sex? The problem is, Chamin doesn’t remember a thing each morning after. Turns out he has something called sexsomnia?! What is Dowan supposed to do now?


Room to Room is a spinoff story of Window beyond Window which focuses on the romance between Dowan and Chamin. Dowan has been one of my favorite characters on that series that’s why I was so excited to find out that he got a story of his own, yay!

Dowan has feelings for his friend Chamin since their first year orientation. Imagine having feelings for your straight friend and seeing how happy he is with his girlfriend everyday. The angst, right?! One-sided love is not one of my favorites, but there’s just something about this story that I find so…addicting.

I instantly like how the story started, I think it was mainly because it was all taken from Dowan’s pov. So every emotion he feels in each scene will really hit you that you can’t help but get emotional and sing Aimer’s song, Kataomoi. The addition of sexsomnia also made this series extra hot and interesting.

But it also almost lost my attention when an annoying ex suddenly appeared. Dang, that guy really got on my nerves. I thought everything would be cliche after that, so I am really glad that both the main leads didn’t go the cliche route and ruined everything.

So let me tell you about the main characters:

  • Dowan is a pretty romantic and nice guy, so it’s really hard not to like him. He’s also very sexy, like, arghhh, how possible is it for a guy to get even more sexy every single chapter I read?! He wasn’t like that on Window beyond Window lol, hahahaha. He’s a pushover when it comes to Chamin since he doesn’t want to pressure him because he just broke up with his girlfriend. But dang! It’s just so hard not to get affected everytime he gets hurt, huhuhu.
  • Chamin on the other hand is very cute. Why is every uke much cuter than a real girl lol, hahaha. He also looks so happy all the time so you wouldn’t think that he suffered some awful bullying before.

I just love both the main leads here. It’s just so refreshing to read a story where both of the main characters didn’t act annoying especially during their conflict.

Dowan really suffered a lot emotionally so I was so happy on the part where Chamin finally said he loves him too. Sorry for that spoiler, but I just can’t end this review without mentioning that one. I was just so happy for Dowan that I was also teary-eyed at that scene. It was just so precious.

Aside from the annoying ex, I don’t really have any major complaints about this story. It was just pretty good with an amazing visual so I am sure you will also love it.

Looking for a sweet and hot yaoi read with a romantic and hot seme? Then Room to Room is definitely a great choice. Have fun reading!

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2 years ago

Sexsomnia? Oh my, that sounds hot and interesting, indeed! Well, you sure piqued my interest with this yaoi, Vanessa, hehe Glad you loved it!

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

So glad your favorite character’s spin off story has turned out great.

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