Book Review - You've Got it Coming by James Hadley Chase | Blushing Geek

Book Review – You’ve Got It Coming by James Hadley Chase

You’ve Got It Coming by James Hadley Chase | Blushing Geek

You’ve Got it Coming by James Hadley Chase
First published on 1955 by Pocket Books
Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 207
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Harry Griffin, ace Californian Air Transport Corporation pilot, is fired from service and has a relationship with ex model and actress Glorie Dane, who has seen many a man come and go in her life, but loves Harry more than herself and does not want to lose him. Harry soon decides to steal a set of diamonds worth 3 million dollars from a passenger plane leaving CATC, which he was supposed to fly before being dismissed,to which Gloria reluctantly agrees. Soon they rope in Glorie’s ex-boyfriend Ben Delaney, who is now a gangster with connections and money, under a false disguise Harry Griffin takes on with Glorie’s help, by a name “Harry Green”. Ben agrees to provide them men and money to do the job,and 50000 dollars in exchange for the diamonds. But things don’t go the way Harry and Glorie expect, especially because of Harry’s greed and deceitful ways, and soon begins a deadly hide and seek game, with Glorie and Harry struggling for survival with murderers and cops behind them, and all amidst lies, deception, treachery, blackmail and murder.


I always like books that were published even before I was born. I find their story more interesting and is very indulging. I’m into classics and hardly onto latest books. And this is one of the good examples why classic thrillers are more entertaining than the newer ones.

The story started when Harry Griffin told his girlfriend Glorie that he will going to put his hands on three million bucks worth of diamonds. And he did just that. He plucked three million bucks worth of diamonds out of the air by hijacking the plane that was carrying them in mid-flight. But this sudden wealth didn’t bring power or happiness Harry wanted…only danger, hatred and death.

This story is a very intriguing one. I was hooked by this story the moment I’ve started reading it. When I first read the story, I didn’t expect that I could finish it in just one sitting. It has its fair combination of suspense thrillers that would keep you glued. I can only remember how much I enjoyed the story.

It doesn’t just offer suspense but it also provides lessons. A lesson that teaches you that everything you acquired in a bad way will not last even how hard you grip on it. In every bad thing you commit, there are always consequences that you should take.

This is my first book from the author and was really impressed. He’s one of those good one and I’m always looking forward to reading his other books.

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