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Manhwa Review – The Black Mirror by Muhwa

The Black Mirror by Muhwa | Blushing Geek

The Black Mirror by Muhwa with art by Sugeun
Published on August 7th 2020 by Tappytoon
Genre: Yaoi, Psychological, Romance
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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“Should I tell you the truth?” Ever since a traumatic incident caused him to lose all of his childhood memories, Tae-jun has been haunted by terrifying hallucinations and nightmares. While apartment hunting one day, a hallucination leads him to Yeon-woo, a handsome man who recognizes him immediately. But after moving into Yeon-woo’s spare room, Tae-jun begins to have recurring nightmares of bloody, disembodied hands groping him… As an unexpected attraction grows between the two men, will Tae-jun be able to uncover the hidden secrets of his past? Or are some secrets better left untold?


When I started with the 1st panel, I instantly noticed some hint of darkness in the illustration so I can’t help but recall the previous manhwa that I’ve read. That one was really dark and I was thinking if this will be as dark as well. Although, I am pretty much excited about the romance part, wahahaha.

The Black Mirror started with the introduction of Tae-jun who was looking for a new apartment to move into when he ran into Yeon-woo, who told him that he is his childhood friend. Tae-jun experienced a really traumatic incident when he was only 5 years old, which led to him forgetting all of his childhood memories including Yeon-woo.

After he moved in with Yeon-woo, we get to see how their awkward relationship started to progress and how little by little, Tae-jun started to remember the past. Eversince he moved in with Yeon-woo, he also started to get nightmares and hallucinations more often than before. Even though he’s dealing with psychological issues, he can’t help but get really attracted to his “childhood” friend. And yep, you can already expect some spg scenes here, wahahaha.

There’s this black door in Yeon-woo’s home that Tae-jun is really afraid to open. After learning about that, and seeing some of Yeo-woon’s creepy behaviours, I’ve been sitting at the edge of my seat eversince. The mystery really kept me occupied that I wasn’t even that bothered that the characters weren’t that well established. I also felt that the romance just happened instantly, but then again, they were childhood friends and a lot of things could happen when one of the characters is occupied with his past and hallucinations.

The first part of this story was normal, but the 2nd part (almost at the end) is very very dark and there’s a lot of “hands” involved. Like literally, lol. I already had it coming, but the revelation still creeped me out. It may also be very disturbing to some, so reader discretion is highly advised.

Still recommended? If you’re a hardcore yaoi fan (and an adventurous one), then you should never miss The Black Mirror, *wink.

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Sophia Rose
2 years ago

Oooh, a creepy one! 🙂

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