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Book Review – The Millionaire’s Proposal by Janelle Denison

The Millionaire’s Proposal by Janelle Denison | Blushing Geek

The Millionaire’s Proposal by Janelle Denison
Series: Destined for Love, #1
Published September 22nd 2014
Genre: RomanceContemporary
218 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Grace Holbrook believed she couldn’t have children, but now she was pregnant after just one night with sexy, bad boy Ford McCabe. She was delighted by the news, but not so thrilled when Ford insists they get married, especially when his recent return to Whitaker Falls after eleven years away is shrouded in secrets.

Ford has always wanted Grace. Even back when he was the town rebel and should have known better — until he was blamed for the death of her brother and was shunned by the community. Now a millionaire businessman, he’s back to claim what is rightfully his . . . including Grace and the baby they’d created together.


**I read this story while I’m on break so this review and a two more after this were long overdue, *wink.

I honestly like the first few pages of this story. Second chance romances are a hit or miss for me and for this story, though it didn’t impress me that much, I have to say that it was still a pretty decent read. Plus, I find the “first” meeting of the main characters a bit entertaining. I like heroes that aren’t just hot but also talk and act hot. And my! Ford certainly caught my attention there!

The Millionaire’s Proposal is the second chance romance story between Grace and Ford. Ford was a known troubled kid in their town thus gaining him more hate from the town people. Grace was told by her father to stay away from him but that can’t be helped since he’s a good friend of his older brother, Aaron. Because of that, she got to learn more about him and then sympathize with his situation. Their friendship then grew into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, until an accident came that changed their lives forever. 

Ford left Whitwalker after the accident but came back after 11 years without the trace of the troubled kid he was once before. He then met up with Grace and the two of them catch up after not seeing each other for such a long time. Grace believed that she’s sterile because she wasn’t able to conceive when she’s still married to her then ex-husband, which was also the main reason for the divorce. But after her one night stand, she was surprised to discover that she’s pregnant with Ford’s child! I know, sorry for the spoiler hehe.

The two of them were having a great time catching up when her father came and told her about the reason for Ford’s return. Ford we’re so full of secrets and are reluctant to tell her thus making it hard for her to trust him again. After finding out about her pregnancy, she’s determined to raise her child on her own. But Ford doesn’t want his child to grow up just like him (without a family), so he propositioned her for a wedding.

I am giving this one a 3-star rating. It wasn’t that remarkable but it still gave me a good time. I love stories with family drama. I hate drama, but when it’s a family drama, I wouldn’t mind at all. Anything with family in it whether it was good, bad, sad, small family or big, it’s all good to me.

Ford was branded as a bad boy and a troubled teen. He lived with his alcoholic mother that didn’t care for him at all. Without guidance and love from his mother, he didn’t grow well, he was always doing trouble that’s why all the people in Whitwalker hated him. It was only Grace and her brother Aaron that understands why he’s doing all those things. Their closeness then resulted in them falling in love with each other. And then on one fateful night, all of those changes when her brother Aaron died and a year after, her mother passed away. She suffered a great loss and her reputation was tainted because of her association with the troubled kid. That’s the reason why her father hates Ford so much. After her brother’s burial, Ford left the town without even saying goodbye. 11 years ago, he came back.

I really like the idea. You can really see how this troubled kid grew to a man he is now – a successful millionaire. I always like it when one of the main characters came from a humble beginning and then worked their way to the top. It always fills my heart with pride and joy when finally, they reach their all their dreams. And besides, after all the bad things Ford had endured, I have to say that he deserves everything he has now.

Ford going back to Whitwalker to face his past and to correct them was an understandable reason. But his grudge with the bar that his mother used to work (which also makes her become alcoholic) wasn’t healthy at all since it clouded his mind on what really needed to be done.

I actually anticipated the conflict which makes me really hate Ford. I always believe that the foundation of a good relationship is trust and not just love and respect alone. I don’t see any reason for being in a relationship when you don’t trust your partner. The first time Ford “omitted” the truth from her, I was annoyed but I understand it because they’re not in a relationship yet. But the second time?! My! He should have told her about it the moment the idea came to his mind. But my irritation with what he did was pushed back to the background when Grace was having a fit with his father. I really understand her father, that even after 11 years, he still holds a grudge with Ford. If I lost all of my loved ones because of him, I will sure feel the same way, but keeping it for 11 long years?! My! That’s pretty long, and staying angry at someone is such a straining thing to do, and it’s really not good with the heart. There were times that Grace’s father irritated me for his stubbornness but I can’t fully hate his character, he’s a father and a husband after all. The scene where they finally settle things over, it really made me cry. It wasn’t very emotional but I’m always a crybaby.

Both of the main characters didn’t give me a lasting good impression. Yes, Ford caught my attention during the first chapter but he failed to hold it ‘till the end. Overall, I guess he’s a fine man. Same goes for Grace too. She was fine and there was no part in this story that I remember hating her. So I guess my reaction for both the characters were just neutral.

This was my first time from the author so I wasn’t really expecting much. The story line was good, plus I love the fact that this story was taken from both of the characters’ POV, it was very reader friendly too, and the sexy scene wasn’t obscene.

The story as a whole wasn’t really exceptional but it was undeniably really good. If you’re up for a decent short read, then you may want to check this one out.


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6 years ago

I can see why you were so annoyed with aspects of this, I would be as well. Wonderful honest review!

6 years ago
Reply to  kindlemom1

Thank you 🙂

6 years ago

Well it’s too bad it wasn’t more but at least but I understand why and I think it would have been the same for me

6 years ago
Reply to  Melliane

Yes, unfortunately 🙁

Lily B
6 years ago

gah drives me nuts when you sit there anticipating the conflict, sorry this doesn’t completely work for you. I usually not too much of a fan with pregnancy romances for some reason ;/

6 years ago
Reply to  Lily B

Same here 🙁 But luckily my next read was better 🙂

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