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Book Review – All Of Me by Heatherly Bell

All Of Me by Heatherly Bell | Blushing Geek

All of Me by Heatherly Bell
Series: Starlight Hill, #1
Published: November 14, 2014 by Heatherly Bell Books
 Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 151
Source: Book Review Request
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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What would you do for a second chance with your first love?

Welcome to wine country and the small town of Starlight Hill, California, where the wine flows freely and so does the gossip.

The town has never quite forgiven Ivey Lancaster for leaving their favorite son, Dr. Jeff Garner, when she met a man on an online dating site. But while the people of the township took sides, the truth of her absence is something Ivey doesn’t want anyone to know.

When a sudden change of plans forces Ivey to work with her hunky ex, she must keep it professional or risk her heart all over again.


After reading Unforgettable You from the same author, I became an instant fan of this series. When I was first offered to review the book mentioned, I have to admit that I didn’t conduct some research about it. The preview that the author sent me single handedly convinced me into reading it. So I was really surprised to find out that it’s the book 4 of the Starlight Series. Normally, I read the first book of each series before pursuing the rest of them. But in this case, I just broke my rule, hahaha. But if you have read my review of that book, you’ll sure know why. *wink

So after reading the 4th book, I shamelessly added on my review post that I am somewhat begging the author to let me read the previous books in this series. And fortunately, the author is just so kind and she let me read and review her previous books. Yeah, not just a single book, but all three books in this series! So lucky eh?! So to set the record right, I started with the first book, which is “All of Me”.

I have this habit of not reading the preview/summary of a book that I am going to read to enhance my reading experience, that is why I really don’t have any idea what to expect in this story (which sounds like fun eh?). My only expectation lies in the idea that I liked the fourth book, and thinking that gave me some positive thoughts that this book is going to be as great as the fourth book too. But to my dismay, when I started this story, it didn’t have the same effect that I felt when I read the fourth book. I wasn’t that hook until I’ve reached the part where the two ex-lovers met. Haha, I’m such a sucker I know.

But what’s also disappointing in this story was that it uses some “not so friendly terms” that’s why once in a while, I have to check my Meriam D for its meaning. I wasn’t really expecting it since I didn’t have that same problem when I read the fourth book.

And after the “meeting the ex” scene, I got hooked on this story. The next scenes got so interesting and entertaining that I can’t let myself go to sleep without finishing it.

“Getting back with your ex” idea isn’t new to me, so I really adore the author for not making this story too cliché for my taste. Love the scenes between the characters though I was really annoyed because it’s obvious that both of them still love each other but aren’t making any effort to let each other know. I was also annoyed by their conflict, grrr!

This book also has some lessons added into it but it’s lesser compared to the fourth book. I almost have overlooked it until this story reminded me of the reason why Ivey (main female character) left.  Yeah, the lesson that this story is going to tell us lies in the reason why Ivey left Jeff and why she can’t say no to help everyone who’s in need.

And oh, how could I forget? The pink and blue ribbon pack by the people who’re living in the Starlight Hill was kinda weird but hilarious. What about it? Well, you gotta read this story to know why haha.

This story is highly recommended and I can’t wait to read the next book.

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7 years ago

Love those series and authors that hook us. So glad this was another great addition for you! Wonderful review!

7 years ago
Reply to  kindlemom1

Yep, that’s definitely true 🙂 Thanks!

Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose
7 years ago

Tough situation in the story. And yes, that is neat that you got to read them all. I don’t have a rule about starting at the beginning because some series it doesn’t matter, but there are others that reading in order is a must. I do love second chances so I’ll keep this one in mind.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Yeah, I’m kind of OC when it comes to books so I usually prefer to read the first book first, haha. This one is kinda great considering the idea of second chances is cliche. Awesome one from the author I should say.

7 years ago

Glad you enjoyed!! I’m not terribly fond of the getting back with your ex but it must have worked well in this case! 😀

7 years ago
Reply to  LilyElement

It’s definitely not for everyone, but its absolutely really good

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