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Manhwa Review – Paid by Fujoking

Paid by Fujoking | Blushing Geek

Paid by Fujoking
Published by Lezhin
Genre: Yaoi, Romance
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Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Heejae’s life is perfect. He’s from an incredibly wealthy family, he’s handsome, and his career is heading straight up the corporate ladder. But then, he digs his own grave by embezzling from the company on a whim. When the proof of his embezzlement ends up in the seemingly ordinary Taekyung’s hands, Heejae resorts to trailing the man to keep an eye on him—only to be mistaken for a stalker with a crush. Heejae’s response to the misunderstanding? To jump into the grave he dug with his own two hands and lie that yes, he’s crazy about Taekyung. And thus begins a very odd relationship…


I really liked this story instantly. I just like how it started. God knows I need a new, fresh idea for my yaoi, and this one gave it to me.

The Chaebol Prince was supposed to keep the other guy from revealing his secret but it turns out that he’s the one being played at. So sorry for that spoiler, I just can’t proceed with this review without mentioning that one. It’s highly possible that I will be dropping another spoiler below, so read on your own risk, *wink.

As I’ve mentioned above, this one started so well that I had to finish it in just one sitting even though I have something to do, lol. But heck, I wasn’t expecting that I would get irritated with the conflict.

I like the idea of a Chaebol Prince falling in love with a poor guy that he needs to take in because he happens to found out his secret. But it turns out it was a sham and he got played for a fool.

Dang, I really hated Taekyung for what he did. Heejae doesn’t deserve all that pain. He’s been through a lot!

Before Taekyung’s plans were revealed, everything had been so good. I love seeing the two of them together, and how their relationship was going. Heck, I even think that Taekyung was so hot when he changed from that shy accounting student that we first knew him into a sexy beast. I don’t usually like dirty talk in my romance, but it was just so hard not to get affected with those visuals! Ahhh, Fujoking is really good at this.

After the revelation, I stopped seeing Taekyung as sexy, I really hated him. Ofcourse I can sympathize on what he’s been through and anyone who’s that broken hearted could do anything just to get back at the one who broke their heart. But heck! I just hated how he assumed everything. I really hated this kind of cliche.

But I hated Heejae’s brother even more. Everything that happened was his fault. What irked me even more is that they never found out about what he did to Heejae before his accident (sorry, another spoiler). He was the most vindictive person ever!

Heejae on the other hand is a sweet person that needs to be protected. I don’t think I ever hated his character. He doesn’t just look like a prince, but he’s a nice person too. He smiles so beautifully that you would think he didn’t have to endured hardships in life. Just thinking about what he went through always leaves me teary eyed. That’s why I was really really so mad when I learned about Taekyung’s trickery. Yes he redeemed himself, but I still hate him!

As for the illustrations, it was really good. I also like the characters’ visuals, though I feel like there are some characters that almost look the same so sometimes I get confused and I have to read it again, lol.

Just like what most readers felt, I also think that Heejae just easily forgave Taekyung. What he did was just horrible. But then again, Heejae is a simple kind soul, so I can’t really make it a big issue since that’s just how he is.

The ending was sweet but it just doesn’t feel that I enjoyed it at the same level as I started this story. But overall it was still a fine read.

And lastly, I really liked that the author gives us another pair to look forward to. Hopefully there’ll be a story for them, *wink.

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2 years ago

What a shame 🙁 I like the premise of this one, but it’s too bad it didn’t work all too well for you in the end . . . Hopefully they are gonna release the story about the other couple soon, so you can enjoy that even more! *fingers crossed*

1 year ago

I didn’t enjoy it unfortunately, I hate the idea of destroying one company just to get back on one person + not doing any research (he rich he can just hire some professional to dig around. If a artist could get so many info why not him?) The romance was fine but yeah I hate how his parents worked so hard for the company only to return and see all their hard work ruin. haaaaaa dumb fcked but good.

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