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Wattpad Review – Tripped by Jonaxx

Tripped by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Tripped by Jonaxx
Series: Alegria Girls, #3
Genre: Tagalog Romance
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Lilienne Altamirano is not your typical probinsyana. Taliwas siya sa stereotype ng mga probinsyanang mahinhin at mahiyain. She’s a wanderess. A lioness. She can tame every sheep. And she can’t be tamed. By anyone. Or probably by anything. Or that’s what she thought. Dahil may isang bagay na hindi niya kayang gawin. Isang taong hindi niya kayang paamuin. Iyon ang pinagtuonan niya ng pansin. All her steps, little by little, are leading to him. Dahil, hindi, hindi siya naniniwala na hindi niya iyon kayang gawin. She can do it, you see. She’s Lilienne Altamirano!

She thinks she’ll succeed, only to find out that she didn’t tame him, he tamed her. She toppled, stumbled… complete with bruises… and the pieces of her heart were scattered on the ground… Because it was all too late. It’s all too late. She tripped. Alone. Fell. All alone. Gone. Alone.

She made sure she won’t make the same mistakes again. Alegria, she’ll be back with the bruises all healed and her heart whole again. She vowed to never fall again. That’s for sure now. But then again… she tripped.


I am really excited to read this story because Lilienne (main female character) was mentioned on Ripped, which is the book 2 of Alegria Girls series, and I really thought she was Leon’s ex-girlfriend, haha. I am curious on how this story will go and I have to say that it was quite different to other books from Jonaxx that I’ve read. Why is that? Because the heroine in this story is somewhat a rebel. I’ll tell you more about it in a few minutes.

And speaking of Leon, I’m still having a little hangover from the second book while reading this story that’s why whenever Leon is being mentioned, I can’t help but squeal in delight. Also, it was nice to know that he and Freya are finally having their happily ever after with their 2 kids. Isn’t that just nice? I really was hoping that Knoxx or the Montefalco cousins would be present here, but to my dismay, they’re not. 

But it’s not that bad at all, why? Because this story is so damn good that it made me act like a retard again. You want me to elaborate on it? Well, let me start with me not being with my usual self which actually started last Saturday evening, being agitated, so excited, frustrated, and because of too much emotion, it keeps me jumping and squealing at the same time. Haha, now tell me, what kind of book will make you do that? 

Just like the first two books from the Alegria Girls series, this book is also composed of 50 chapters plus the epilogue which is all taken from the guy’s POV. This story started so casual. I also love how refreshing the characters, especially the main female lead. I’m not really into stories where the girl is the one who is pursuing the guy.

Surprisingly, I love the story line. I know I told you I am not a fan with stories where the girl is the one who’s pursuing the guy, but it’s just rewarding to read that all her efforts were paid off, though it took her 8 years to finally claim her prize. As usual, all the scenes in this story are unpredictable and not cliché. You’ll absolutely feel love because almost all chapters in this story have those “kilig” worthy scenes that will surely make you squeal in delight. 

Despite how I love this story, I have to say that the conflict made me drop 1 star making it a 4-star rating. The part where the girl is pushing the guy away from her is really annoying. I know, that part is justifiable because of what happened to her but I just don’t like it. I just don’t like drama. It ended up hurting both of their feelings and it’s breaking my heart especially when Riguel pleaded. Actually, I already broke my heart when I found out that Yeshua (Lilienne’s twin brother) died. Writing it here really makes my eyes moist. Huhu. I don’t want to elaborate more about it for I’m afraid I’ll sob. Of all the three books in the Alegria Girls series, this book really made me cry, I almost sob actually, good thing I was able to suppress it.

For the characters:

Lilienne is a kind of girl that isn’t following what other people are telling her to follow. She believes that both men and women are equal. But she started to change little by little when she found out that her admiration for Riguel is not just a simple admiration but, she’s in love. But something happened that made her stronger. Her transformation from being a rebel to the girl she is now is quite great actually, it makes her character more realistic. 

Riguel on the other hand is the exact opposite of Lilienne. He’s intelligent and almost all the girls worship him. Who would have thought that he would also fall for Lilienne eh? Btw, I almost forgot to mention. In the POV, I thought all of his feelings will be revealed. But unlike the first two books in the Alegria Girls series, I just think Riguel’s part wasn’t properly introduced. I just think there’s still missing.

Even after all the things that happened to Lilienne, I’m just so relieved to know that her best friend Suki is still by her side, even Nicholas, the playboy brother of Leon. Surprising isn’t it? Can’t wait to read his story and Suki’s too, which I hope Jonaxx will write soon.

And the thing that I also noticed about this story is that the SPG scenes here are so intense and they’re quite many, haha. I didn’t feel harassed at all, Jonaxx wrote it nicely that you wouldn’t feel violated, actually, I still find it kilig, haha lol. (erase erase the shower scene to my system please, haha)

Overall, this story is a kind of story that I will find myself rereading in a few days. Well, actually all Jonaxx’s novels are. I hope there’s still more in this series.

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Alyssa Susanna
7 years ago

This is new to me! Is it because I’m not on Wattpad? Wattpad is a whole different universe to me. 😀 I can sense your enthusiasm about this book, it really shows! I think the girl pushing away the guy would bother me too. But overall, this one seemed to really work for you, which is awesome! Great review!

Have a wonderful week. =)

Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

7 years ago
Reply to  Alyssa Susanna

Wattpad is a massive environment for writers and readers. Most stories there were free to read too. And what makes my Wattpad experience amazing is because of Jonaxx. Dang! Her stories are just sooo good.

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